Top Tools For Mobile App Designers!

Top Tools For Mobile App Designers!
Top Tools For Mobile App Designers!

UI and UX designing is one of the most important phases of the mobile application development process. UI is responsible for delivering a great look and feel of a mobile app and for this, more emphasis is put on graphic designing. UX helps in determining the effect that the application has on the user. In other words, the app needs to offer the best possible user experience. 

There are various tools available that prove to be extremely helpful for app designers. Algoworks is a UI/UX design company that turns to the below-mentioned tools for providing an engaging and efficient mobile application: 

  • Flinto 

With Flinto’s speed, it is now possible for designers to import designs from Sketch and Photoshop by joining teams. Moreover, iPhone and Android transitions are mirrored, installation links can be shared from the app and previewing of prototypes is also done using Flinto. 

  • Sketch 

Sketch is a MacBook based UI and UX design tool used for building mobile app prototypes. It is similar to Adobe Photoshop, in addition to having one of the biggest shares in the prototyping and wireframe space. 

  • UI Stencil Kit 

UI Stencil Kit can be used for the purpose of brainstorming ideas for the app within a UI/UX team in the workspace. Idea boards, where sticky notes are posted helps designers to effectively put their ideas on paper. 

  • Justinmind 

Designing prototypes and mobile app wireframes can be done with the help of Justinmind. Not even a single line of code is used during this process. Features being provided by this tool include UI kits for Android, web, and iOS as well as simulating tab controls, database simulation, show/hide elements, animations, linking and many more. 

  • InVision 

InVision, lets designers create powerful screen designs with flexible layers and intuitive vector-based drawings. It enables effortless navigation of the whole design process in a single place, along with adding micro-interactions and animating transitions. 

  • UXPin 

UXPin is a drag and drop tool used for making high-end prototypes and fidelity wireframes. In addition to this, designers can create their designs either in the program itself or import them from Sketch or Photoshop. This helps in the creation of interactive wireframes and workflows in a very short span of time. 

  • AdobeXD

With AdobeXD, prototypes and designs of UI can be shared quickly. It is very easy to switch from Design to Prototype mode with just a single click. After this, wireframes will be changed to interactive prototypes by way of artboards being dragged between wires. Changes to the designs can be made very quickly and the same is reflected on phones. 

  • Axure RP 

Axure RP provides designers with all the tools required for designing an app. It also allows designers to code and use components and libraries. This tool facilitates the designing of idea boards, flowcharts, graphical documentation, wireframes, etc. 

  • Origami Studio

Origami, designed and developed by Facebook engineers, is an interface design tool. Facebook apps such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger have been designed with the help of this tool. Designers can preview, record and send prototypes to anyone from the Origami app. Content from Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator can be added for providing rich media, interactivity, and motion to a project.

Apart from this, there are many other tools that are available for UI/UX designing purposes. Any UI design company must make it a point to implement at least one of the above-mentioned tools for the successful implementation of the various UI/UX design prototypes for an app.