Top 5 Content Writing Tools For Graphic Designers

Top 5 Content Writing Tools For Graphic Designers
Top 5 Content Writing Tools For Graphic Designers

The profession of a graphic designer is associated with the creation of different types of graphic elements like logos, billboards, graffiti, portraits, and others. However, the jobs of graphic designers are often connected to content writing as well.

Commonly, graphic design is used for advertising popular and small business companies to create a brand identity. So it is crucial for graphic designers to follow all grammatical rules and write content appropriate for the target audience and company specialization.

These days there is an extensive range of free and paid content writing services for graphic designers and more. You can find and use them online or install them on your laptop, smartphone, etc.

It is advisable to use the content writing tool wisely and consider all reviews from current or past users. There are numerous writing checking tools of poor quality and gaps in grammar and vocabulary avoiding logic in sentences.

We would like to present to your attention the top 5 best content writing tools mostly used by graphic designers. Not all of them are free but at reasonable pricing plans, you can get access to the advanced options of the chosen writing tool to enhance your graphic design services.


Grammarly is the content writing being actively used in so many areas all over the world. It is commonly used by copywriters from professional writers list or social media marketing managers in order to write high-quality content for their clients. Although, this tool is the perfect solution for graphic designers to correct their texts in real-time. So let’s take a closer look at how this tool actually works.

Grammarly is available in both versions – as an addition in your browser online and a desktop version for your computer. Before using it, you need to enable the tool to see the corrections and suggestions for your content. This platform has two variants of usage – free and subscription-based. A free version provides basic grammatical and vocabulary corrections with the rating and mood of your text. If you pay for a subscription, you get access to advanced features of Grammarly where you can see extended suggestions to your text that can completely change it.


Surfer is an SEO optimized writing tool used for checking and editing different types of content. Besides editing grammatical mistakes, the tool shows more suitable keywords related to your subject in order to optimize your content and make it better targeted. The available ranges of services Surfer provides we would like to highlight content planning, content, or blog audit to define if your content contains enough needed keywords. You can use the online version on the website or install an extension to the Google Chrome browser to use it on any platform you need. The main condition of using Surfer is that it is a paid content writing tool that offers three pricing plans from $49 to $199 per month depending on the number of graphic designers who will use this app, the number of audits, and types of content.


Hemingway is an online content editor tool that is very easy and clear to use. It offers to customers two different modes – writing where you add or create your text and editing where the application shows you what corrections and suggestions you need to consider. It also shows the number of words, types of headings, and subheadings and if they are appropriate. It is a great tool for graphic designers that additionally shows if the sentences are easy to read and understand if all words are used suitably, what words and phrases can be written easier to make the text clearer to readers. The required recommendations are highlighted in different colors depending on the type of edit but the app doesn’t provide variants of these edits, you need to fix them on your own. Moreover, the application is available to download to your computer and use on any type of documents and program. However, if you use the website, its services are free but if you want to get the offline desktop version you will need to pay $19.99 as a one-time fee to use the advanced options of the Hemingway app.

BeFunky Graphic Designer

Writing a content tool for graphic designers is not only about editing the text but also for its creation – text and graphic elements as well. Befunky is one such platform where graphic designers can create different types of content for their jobs. Besides creating graphic pictures, users can easily edit the ready-made photos adding new elements, text, and so on. In addition, Befunky provides access to the extensive library of templates related to different subjects, separate elements, pictures, and so on to add to those templates. All these samples are customizable up to your needs and requirements. Well, the range of available features really impresses and includes three groups:

  • photo editor
  • collage maker
  • graphic design

The website offers two different pricing plans – free with a very limited range of features for graphic designers and Befunky Plus that gives you access to all advanced options like premium templates, vector design, vast font library, and others. The prices are affordable and you learn more about the conditions on their website or contact their support managers.


Canva is supposed to be one of the most popular and widely used platforms by best writers online for creating content, graphic design, editing pictures, etc. It has so many features to offer to its users online as well as in the mobile application. First of all, Canva offers a huge library of diverse templates for advertising, pictures or presentations for school and college purposes, videos, book and magazine covers, and so on. It allows editing of the pictures – colors, adding elements, watermarks, shadows, lights, sizes, adding text, and other edits. You can also create a graphic design from scratch by typing the size of your picture or video. Choosing a free version you have quite a wide range of services but if you choose a Canva Pro service, you get access to the whole library of elements, backgrounds, changes, and so on. Moreover, Canca offers different learning courses and graphic design as well. These courses look like educational articles and are completely free for all users, even for unregistered. You can read about the hidden features of Canva, how to use it for your individual purposes, and get profits in your professions from using this tool.

Bottom line

This list is just a little part of all online and offline content writing tools for graphic designers. We recommend reading the writing judge reviews from the users first to install or choose a particular content writing tool. Each of these tools offers different services and options of creating or editing text, creating pictures, presentations or videos. The chosen platform should provide high-quality functionality so that you can perform your graphic design tasks perfectly well. Grammar, logic, and creativity are keys to successful cooperation with clients that will correspond to their expectations. Your profession as a graphic designer and its development depends on the quality of your works, reviews from your clients, and your skill level. You have no room for errors and content writing tools will help to avoid all of them.