Contact forms are your allies

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Contact forms make things easier…

Does your website have an effective contact form? Contact forms reduce the time it takes to process client enquiries.


What is a contact form?

A contact form is a website or application tool used to collect information about your current or potential clients’ enquiries. The client fills in the form then all this information is sent to you in the form of an e-mail or any other messaging service you want to link this form to. Then you can take it from there, it’s that simple!


Faster enquiry processing Need to be tested and improved constantly
Easier to follow up Some functionalities might not work on other browsers
Generate more leads Input errors
Appropriate departments are reached
Keep spam users out*
Pros and Cons of Contact Forms


How can I use it?

Contact forms also serve many purposes: Enquiries, Help Tickets, Surveys, Sign Up, Sign In, Automations, Newsletter Opt-in, and so much more.


Does it actually work?

Well, yes. Imagine if a client is navigating through your website and they land on a specific landing page that you have set for them. They will want to ask some questions about the specific offer or service/product that they see on that page. Their request should be directed to an appropriate receiver or department. For example, if you have a sales task force that deals with this offer, you would want them to process it and not the accounting or legal department.


Now what?

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