Best WordPress LMS themes for colleges and universities

Best WordPress LMS themes for colleges and universities
Best WordPress LMS themes for colleges and universities

There are so many LMS(Learning Management Themes) are available in the market but it is very difficult to choose the best WPLMS themes which are perfect for building a website for any educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities, etc. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress LMS themes for colleges and universities. These beautiful WordPress themes will help you to create a beautiful WordPress site for your college and university so that you can teach your children in a more innovative and easy way. Students also get benefits from these themes as they will get a new form of a learning process which will help them to grow their vocabulary and education. So without wasting any time, we will now discuss some of the best WordPress LMS themes for colleges and universities.


Education WordPress Theme – The Academy is an ideal theme for sharing and selling your knowledge online. It’s not just a matter of learning, but learning management system that makes it easy for everyone to learn and teach online.

You can easily create an online course with the help of Academy WordPress theme. You can also create expanded user profiles, question system,  rating system, embedding self-hosted media, file attachment, tracking course progress, WooCommerce integration and more.



Education WordPress Theme – Event is an educational subject in which there are a unique form and experience, designed to meet the needs of schools/colleges/ universities. Apart from this, it is the result of a comprehensive study of countless real websites of educational institutions and their needs.

What’s more, the education topic now integrates with nearly one million users with super-intuitive and popular SiteOrigin Page Builder. You can easily create an eLearning website because theme comes bundled with 30+ custom page builder elements. In addition, it supports 16 more premium widgets with many variations/styles, which are part of the popular widgets plugin for site origin. So, get ready to drag and drop your path to create a great website for your college /school/community.

The event has been extensively tested to ensure that it works basically with the Popular Learning Management System (LMS) LearnDash for WordPress (must be purchased separately). Education Topics Includes custom styling for LearnDash components. In addition, it provides custom sidebar, page template for LearnDash elements or custom post display.


Education WordPress Theme – Lincoln is a unique WordPress theme by using content design for education and learning centers. Although it is perfect for educational organizations such as diversity, school, online courses, and training centers, this business is flexible enough to be used for websites and creative digital agencies. You can easily create courses according to your interest and the subject to be taught in the class. You can easily categorize it according to your matter of interest.

But this is just the beginning. As Lincoln is also fully integrated with the famous WooCommerce – the largest eCommerce platform, it means that monitoring your online educational shop products will never be easy. Lincoln is completely packed with Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, not to mention such awesome features and extensions … because seeing is believing, take a look at the live demo to understand it For how Lincoln will get the value of your money.


Education WordPress Theme – LMS is a Powerful Learning Management System. This multipurpose WordPress support theme allows you to create online courses, teacher profiles, expanded user profiles, ranking/rating system, text management, video hosting, quiz system, question system, tracking course progress, attachments, etc. Create an education system that uses custom post, student management, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Event Calendar, WPML, Mail-Chimp for WordPress, Sensei, Courses, and Quiz.

It is really easy to use LMS and to create a learning management system that makes learning and teaching a pleasant experience. Create an online training website with satisfaction and teach students from around the world. Apart from e-learning, LMS can also be used as a school-level education system.

Start educating online, easily create your own training website and keep complete control and grow wisely.


Education WordPress theme – MasterStudy is the best WordPress theme for education and learning center – for educational organizations, who sell courses and organize classes locally.

Masterstoody is specially designed as the ideal education WordPress theme for your education center. Whether you are an expert in local workshops or online courses – free or paid – Masters Good is the only topic that you need to create a vibrant and effective learning center for your educational organization or business.

Based on extensive research in the education and teaching industry, the theme created with first-class facilities, which will make your life easier – will save you time and give great results.

As the ultimate learning center WordPress theme, MasterStudy makes it easy and hassle-free to create, customize and manage your site.

In addition, it includes the Visual Composer plugin, so you can create pages in minutes with easy drag and drop tools. A large collection of four skin presets and Google fonts gives you even more scope for personalizing the look and feel of your website. What’s more, your Masterstudy Educational WordPress theme is fully responsive, so you can be assured that your content looks right on any device.


Education WordPress Theme – Varsita is a Multipurpose WordPress theme for all types of high schools, universities, courses, online learning systems, and education business. It’s beautiful, clean, modern and professional. What’s more, developers have built this theme specifically for educational institutions, training organizations, and easy to use optimization features. Apart from this, they create some terrible things that help schools, faculty members and students. He believes that building any business website with Visica can be easy and fun.

ThemeLess LMS – This is a very powerful plugin that can help you add useful functionality to your e-learning features and your website. Supports an unlimited number of courses, lessons, assignments, students, etc. Use WP’s strength and simplicity to build a learning site about any topic.


So we have discussed some of the best WordPress LMS themes for education purpose. Now can easily create a beautiful e-learning website for your school and college very easily. You don’t need to be a programmer or a web developer to create an e-learning website of your own. In fact, you can create a website in minutes with the help of LMS themes for WordPress.

I hope that you really like the article and if you have any suggestions and feedback then you can mention it in the Comment box.