What are On-Page SEO Factors?


SEO is something that fascinates anyone who has a minimum association with digital marketing. If we have a look at the bigger picture, it makes a vast difference in the reach of the companies who strive for a better position in the Google search results. It is needless to say how much does your position in the Google search results impact your company’s reputation. SEO is a must-require skill for online business growth.

People put in a lot of effort to optimize their web-content to feature on the top of Google search results. However, they miss out on a lot of most basic things which they could incorporate into their strategies to make their business grow. You need to focus on a few things, in particular, to help your page/site get the recognition you want.

Here are the factors that affect the Search Engine Optimization for a firm:

The Website’s Content

There’s a difference between format and content. In the contemporary era, where everyone is looking for format, ignoring the soul, the content. Be it a Hollywood star cast with a lame script or a media house with weak sources; the face value steals the limelight. In case of a website, if the content of the site is good, people are bound to come to you. Never compromise your quality in return for anything.

Let’s get into the benefits of having good quality content:

  • Attracts a worldwide customer base: There should be more and more emphasis on producing good content rather than just presenting it well because it attracts a wide customer base not only from the local regions but on a worldwide basis. The content can be anything, ranging from a cool social media post to an attention drawing video. Never forget that your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • Building a good connection with people: If more and more people are consuming your content, it means that it has a strong connection with people. It is a fact that we like what we connect with. To cater to this purpose, you can try and add more and more relatable references to your content to make it more relatable to people. The more they share it, the more traffic you will end up receiving.
  • Tags and URL

If you still think that your URL is just the address to your website, you are missing out on a bounty here. Your URL doesn’t only define your address, but it keeps your website’s meta information within it. Similarly, tags don’t only contain merely data, but they are the things that come into highlight when you search your page over Google. You should not miss out capitalizing on them.

In the search results, when people refer to various links showing up in the search results, the tags are there in the highlights of the search results. This enables the webmaster to play with words and keep their tags as relatable as possible to the people.

The division of the URL information also conveys a lot of information about the website there in the search results. Suppose there a subsection in a website which shows some relevant piece of information surfacing in their search results. If the URL of the search contains the breakdown of the subsection of the website, Google algorithms will end up preferring it over the other sites as it has its content in an organized way.

  • Beware of Black Hat SEO

Too much of food chokes your esophagus. Similarly, too much of keywords disrupt the integrity of good quality content. You must never go for these tricks as they only make your website appear dull in the later phase. Even if you manage to get good reach, you would not be able to capitalize on it, as the visitors would not be organic. This is the trick people fall for and use black hat tactics.

At times, people do get good reach using SEO but fail to make people visit their website due to the inorganic traffic. This is mostly due to the lack of quality content on your website. If your sites appear higher, people do come to your site, but when they find the extensive use of irrelevant keywords in your content, or they find out something fishy, they are as good as gone from your site.

On the other hand, if your content is genuinely good and you are putting some real honest efforts in booming your business, returns would come to you. No, we are not doing moral policing here but stating facts. Anny fishy content would further add to your trouble and can lead to even a temporary suspension on your page, sometimes even permanent. All your hopes would go in vain. Adel SEO can help you with this, for more information,Go to their website.

  • Features of ideal Content

When we say content, we don’t only mean a few words jotted down to attract footfall over our websites. There should be heart and soul put into it to make it grow properly. There are features of ideal content which one must look after in order to make their content appealing. They are as follows:

  • Uniqueness: Make your content as unique as you can to make it stand ahead of the rat race, where people just keep a pile of words, one over the other in a haphazard way. The topic should be unique so that it looks fresh to the customers and they get to know more about it. It should entice them.
  • Layout: The better the look, the better the reach. Yes, it’s true that the quality of content matters more than the look. However, one cannot ignore the fact that the first impression still ignites the people. If your content has undergone good planning and has a quality layout, it would definitely stand out and attract viewers.
  • Search-Engine Friendly: The choice of words matters a lot while developing relatable content. While keeping your content unique is a must, it must not go out of the way for a general user. It has to be search-engine friendly. So, the keywords that you used should connect with the audience, in order to build a frequency going strong.

If technology is there with you to help you out in boosting your business, why lay back? Opt for SEOs and witness the game changer!

Olivia is a content manager responsible for the editorial section at ADEL SEO, a website devoted to provide the best SEO services.

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