Web Design Company, How to choose the right one?

Are you at the point of wanting to expand your business in order to increase more stagnant daily billing? We congratulate you because you are taking the steps towards the right path. Sooner or later you will need to have a web design company that unifies and offers support to all the needs that may arise in your project. There are many services offered by TV or radio on websites and online stores that you can assemble yourself in a simple way and in a moment, but they are NOT fast or cheap, however if you are convinced of this we encourage you to try.

So here we leave a list of the minimum requirements that you should ask a web design company for the creation of your website:

Once the price of the web project has been agreed, you must make sure that it is closed and it is not advisable that you pay everything in advance, if you can get it split, the best (demonstrate among other things the confidence in yourself… It’s a good start).

Design to your liking, you are the one who pays it and who should be pleased (along with your customers). That the development of diverse presentations or proposals does not suppose an increase in the cost of your budget, simply demands what you need, the web design company should advise you but the final decision should be yours.

All hosting services, domains and web design must be in your name and have access to them at any time because they are your property. The web hosting should be done with all the guarantees of reliability, backup copies of your daily web, possibility of restoration of previous copies, support of the web application that allows you to update and control your website at any time in a relatively fast period. Don’t forget that you must stipulate everything in a contract that gives you the support and guarantees you need.

You must establish delivery times, both for your part (in the delivery of information and response to changes or proposals) and in the web design company that develops the project (design, content management, content introduction and implementation in final operation). It always establishes a guarantee period and defines when it starts, how long it lasts and what it covers, as well as what would cancel it. It is essential that it works and is displayed in all current browsers and mobile devices (do not expect great things in old browsers because the technology advances to offer the best experience to users as well as greater security).

Define well all the sections with the information you want to include and have a good CMS content manager that allows you to enter more information in the future (WordPress, Drupal …). Be clear about what you are going to spend in a year and if it includes everything you need. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being charged for everything and without waiting for it.