How To Make Your App Discoverable With 4 Mobile App Search Trends


Before you start enjoying a cup of tea every morning, chances and new openings are you have already turned to a mobile application in order to start your day.

Whether, it is logging your fitness routine, adding the cost of the latte to your weekly or monthly budget or even searching your way to a meeting, one thing is clear:

App discovery is broken.

Today, the mobile app market is known as one of the biggest and most competitive market spaces all over the world. Currently, the app stores of different available platforms are very busy and have millions of apps.

With regards to the Google Play Store, it has 3.5+ million applications whereas the iOS App Store has more than 3 million applications as of Jan 2019.

Between different applications and big cost of acquiring, advertising and retaining users become more difficult than ever. Marketing an application successfully dedicated to the apps industry has never been more esteemed.

With annual increase in Smartphone users cooling off (as per Gartner growth research report was 73% in 2010 vs 7% in 2010) and expense per mobile increasing (as per a recent App Annie Webinar, the ad expense per user will increase from ~$40 in 2016 to ~$50 in 2018), the requirement to increase user satisfaction with app discovery and in this way, downloads, is the clear App Store priority.

So how brands can names best click into these wide ranges of app-using audiences? Based on a research report that was conducted on 8,470 Smartphone users who had used applications in their last week, researcher’s uncovered new insights about the reason drives users to install and use mobile applications.

For instance, one out of four installed applications is never utilized, based on that research. So, what is the reason, people abandoned to use an app?

Being a professional app marketer, it is necessary for you to be aware of the latest app trends, and your mail work is to cut down the cost and get the right audience for your application.

By accelerating your app in front of the users, you can easily get an increase in the number of downloads, drive revenue to your business and also boost in-store rankings.

There are also other powerful ways for brands to develop a deeper and close relationship with their users or audiences, especially applications that take benefits of mobile app advertising.

Together with mobile applications, mobile websites have become vital to both marketers and consumers.

Without considering this on priority, developers face decrement in ROI per user and ultimately a divestment and stagnation from the app development industry at big scale.

That is a statement many app marketers, developers and users could all agree with. While we can see the explosion in the number of applications since the inception of Play Store and App Store in 2008, Google and Apple have failed to gets regular progress in increasing app discovery since, tending to about more than half of Smartphone users denying downloading even a single application.

The main strategy to enhance the exposure of your app is an app store optimization that is also termed as ASO. This process can be different as the ongoing process of measurement updates and testing to the app store marketing assets with the main motive of boosting the visibility of an app.

Mobile App Marketing & Discovery Trends

Mobile app marketing is an amazing advertising way that can complement an offline experience of a brand (for instance in-store special offers), help connect a brand or simply drive e-commerce revenue with its loyal customers.

It definitely takes more than novelty and trendiness to provide what an increasing variety of related users are searching for.

Based on a new study from Google, users are searching for what is virtual to them via their mobile devices.

In doing so, they are slightly showing what they need. Last year, Google recognized four year-over-year (YOY) growth trends in how users are seeking for what they need from the applications.

Across all app searches, people expressed them are explicitly searching to…

  • Refine their skills.
  • Learn new things.
  • Discover new conveniences.
  • Become more productive.
  • Better manage their budget or seek ways to save money.
  • Improving body and mind with applications to stay in shape mentally and physically.

There are more details about the 4 new mobile-app related trends identified by Google:

  1. Productivity And Comfort

120% + YoY boom: Reputed eating place applications for placing orders and paying in advance.

140% + YoY increase: “image”, “pharmacy”, and “grocery” app searches related to retailer brands.

205% + YoY (Year-over-Year) growth: Searches and downloads for “choose up” and “shipping” for unique manufacturers on mobile devices.

  1. Education

Eighty-Five %+: Applications related to language learning courses.

80%+: Learning-related applications such as “K-12 studying app” and “guitar getting to know the app.”

65%+: Circle/Parenting of relatives related apps which incorporate “loose brushing teeth app for children” and “allowance and chores app for children.”

  1. Improving The Body And Mind

65%+: Yoga and meditation related applications along with “yoga for beginners” or “mindfulness apps.”

One hundred ninety%+: “weightlifting” or “Bodybuilding.”

135%+: Apps related to fitness searches for an athletic shoe and grab.

  1. Finances and Savings/Deals

Ninety%+: “Coupon apps” associated with particular manufacturers.

One hundred%+: “drink deal” and “free food” apps.

A hundred and fifteen%+: Inventory and investing apps related searches including “investments app”,  “home marketing consultant app,” and “penny inventory trading app.”

However, these are only four of different trends in mobile app discovery; it is clear that users are turning out to be very empowered and specific in how and what they seek for in applications.

These 4 Google search trends show that successful apps don’t have to be everything to all people.

Considering a user-oriented view to see how people search, and what they are looking modern marketers can know how to effectively target new consumers. Their mobile search activity and behavior say everything.

App researchers and marketers who need to better captivate and attract users need to invest in smart, AI-based marketing techniques to translate readily accessible user data into the utility and value mobile consumers search.

Now it is clear that consumers are showing exactly what they need every day. Now the question is are your listening and putting the necessary steps to become discoverable and stable in their mobile usage lifestyle?

Just check out some other trends and techniques you can use to make your app discoverable:

Get Technical

With regards to your app discovery and for a better ranking on SERP you need to stick to basics as well. It is time to stay tight and ready to implement the technical things – more to do with how you enrol and make your app discoverable and what you do randomly after.

To start with, allow users to move between the apps and the results of app stores themselves. Get to terms with Apple App search & Universal Links, Bing App Indexing, Google App Indexing, Facebook App Links, and more. Like Search Engine Land and other famous websites have a primer on indexing.

Paid Mobile Marketing

The internet has made it very easy in order to target your marketing or advertising messages to your users – geographically, demographically, and even based on interests, age, race, gander, and more.

Paid-advertising is an amazing option for app developers – from validation and testing all the way to driving sales or app installs.

A big heap of marketer networks such as PocketMatch, MobiCow, InMobie and AdMob now make it easy to expose new campaigns and drive app sales and installs.

Definitely, the behemoths like Facebook ads and Google Adwords also have the power to assist you launch campaigns to increase your downloads or installs (for free or premium apps) and sales revenues (for paid apps).

Affiliate Marketing

While paid advertising could have been your own work to get enhance app exposure on app stores, such type of marketing is a different technique.

It is used worldwide as a big part where thousands of affiliates put in their resources, expertise and even run paid ads to assist increase your app downloads.

A global workforce that is skilled, hungry and running without asking for anything more than a payout or commission for every conversion (download or sale).

Customer Reviews: Use them For Good

Social proof and word-of-mouth have long been criticized for traditional and digital marketing as well. The more the word comes out from the users make your app more discoverable.

Provide your existing users first access to the new features, build up the social proof, try to utilize the tools like push notifications and ask for testimonials to pump out the world.


While in-market promotion, discovery and listing rules changing constantly, implementing your intelligence always keep you in a good stead. Empower your App downloads and sales using above techniques and the latest Google mobile app trends.

Author Bio:
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