Different Career Paths for SEO


What do you mean by SEO?

The art and science of managing the web sites indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are thus known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is vital for growing sales and for accelerating the growth of a completely online or offline business.

SEO is a practice that came into existence less than two decades ago but contributed to an immense inflow of jobs. Many people from almost every industry have stepped into this career field. There are more than 1 billion websites today, where each site needs to raise its visibility in the significant search engine results.

Most young people search for a successful career path to wonder if SEO is a successful way to go. Every day websites are spreading, and the website owners are often looking for a strong web presence.

Nonetheless, nowadays, SEO is learned as part of digital marketing. Most SEO specialists acquire skills from courses and certifications and then expect compensation that suits their level, job roles, and the scale of their involvement.

Why SEO Professionals?

Most business owners have understood the value of having and placing a website to rank on Google searches for all their business terms or keywords. Therefore, the use of the internet and people using Google more than ever for exploring the content on the web rendered SEO extremely essential.

Demand for SEO professionals is typically the same around the globe. Many countries mostly use Google searches, so Google ads are costly for everyone. With just a couple of SEO professionals holding up SEO quite well, and not everybody else can determine on their own, most of them still have to depend on someone else’s opinions.

Explore Top Career Paths for SEO Professionals

The online industry continues to expand every day, and SEO plays a vital role in gaining the visitor to the website, and all companies investing tremendous amounts in SEO. SEO is one of the most competitive fields, and there are several career paths in the world of SEO.

Are you an SEO professional searching for professional growth, take a look at these positions in the digital world.

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEO/SEM)

Search Engine Marketing Specialists plan, execute, and handle the whole SEO campaign of the company. SEO/SEM specialists manage all paid search campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as other search and display marketing engines. A competent SEM professional handles the paid search budgets effectively and partners with the SEO and marketing department to optimize ROI, drive traffic, and customers.

An SEO/SEM specialist having 1-4 and 5-9 years of experience earns an estimated gross remuneration of €360,098 and €975,000, respectively. According to Payscale,  Search Engine Marketers earn a median salary of $45,255 per annum, and a standard SEO specialist makes an average of $2,300 more a year.

  • SEO Manager

SEO Manager develops and implements successful SEO techniques. You need to manage advertising, layout, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and other tasks. This role frequently involves monitoring and reporting on the success of on-site and in-site optimization projects.

SEO managers are also responsible for the design of websites that prospective customers arrive at after clicking on a search engine results. So graphic and webpage design skills added will be highly beneficial. A constant analysis of where potential customers come from is essential to change business strategies, enabling research skills to apply in this area.

The SEO manager’s national average salary in India is ₹ 4,59,718. SEO managers obtain a median salary of $ 64,358 but can be accountable across a broad spectrum based on the organization and the staff size.

  • Digital Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing Managers plan and manage marketing campaigns to support a company’s brand, products, and services. They have to prepare initiatives, evaluate metrics, and predict outcomes. They usually have social media experience. You may be accountable in this role or focus on all facets of a company’s digital strategy.

A digital marketer makes an annual pay of around $ 46,919 a year. However, you may raise your profits by qualifying in online marketing, networking, and strategic marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager’s average salary in India is roughly around Rs 8.0 Lacs.

  • Content Marketing Specialist

Through this position, you create content with a specific plan and sometimes a strategy to focus on improving traffic and Google rankings. The type of content that the content marketer shares depend on what they sell. Digital Marketers put their efforts to raise website traffic and brand recognition through online content marketing. In this job, creative and distributed content is shared on the appropriate platforms, and evaluate marketing effectiveness.

The average salary for beginners in the industry is $56,414, which was considerably higher in content marketing than for SEO itself. A Content Marketer in India earns an annual average salary of ₹ 4,92,634.

  • Marketing Analyst

Data analytics is a sizeable essential part of search optimization, so you certainly know it very much as an SEO expert. As a brand consultant, the primary duties are to find prospects for new ones and produce predictions, analyses focused on data, and monitor the success of current campaigns.

Marketing analysts gain an estimated annual salary of $ 52,176 and learn from business analysis, strategic, research, and SQL qualifications. A Marketing Analyst in India has a yearly pay of € 4,53,253.

How to Step into SEO World?

SEO’s scope in India is vast and had a very bright future. No formal governing body is currently in force for the SEO industry and no fixed criteria to follow. There are several primary and prominent organizations and institutions that have started providing international SEO certifications. Candidates who take this SEO course online or offline can boost their resume.

Final Words

As Google develops the complex algorithms that make it difficult for the webmaster to show their company results in the top search results of Google search engines, SEO is becoming increasingly more competitive for organizations. It is why most of the companies need for SEO professionals or expertise. Within the digital marketing sector, there are thousands of career opportunities. The requirement for entry-level and experienced SEO/SEM professionals would increase until search engines remain in this world.

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