Backlinks Issues And A Tripwire Offer Can Affect SEO Results

Backlinks Issues And A Tripwire Offer Can Affect SEO Results
Backlinks Issues And A Tripwire Offer Can Affect SEO Results. Image source: Supplied

Backlinks have always played a significant role in building the best SEO strategy. It has always acted as the foundation for SEO. Ideally, SEO experts say that when you have a string and very well-designed backlink in your content it will not only make it the most search engine optimized but will also provide you with everything else simply as a bonus.

Therefore, it goes without saying that as long as you incorporate the right types of links in your content, it will be far easier for you to rank your site well as well as any of its terms with any website.

However, these days, Google came along and reformed that. Now it is not the numbers game anymore. Therefore, you will need to be very careful in your approach and creation of your SEO strategy. Recent research showed that Penguin was penalized by Google for building only a little gray hat link!

No place for old SEO techniques

This means that there is no scope for the old SEO techniques that were so easy and productive as well. Google is now very serious about the backlinks used in the contents and are seriously monitoring these. Therefore, follow the best strategies that are followed by SEO experts such as NewYorkSEO.Company so that you are not penalized by Google for any of your efforts.

As for example:

  • Users are often found to develop a website theme or even a piece of software and give themselves credit in the footer.
  • This is usually done by linking back to their original site.
  • When someone uses this theme, their website will be linked back automatically to the website of the creator.

Well, till the other day this was a very good and most productive idea to get credit as well as a lot of link juice but now Google finds it absolutely manipulative and does not consider this to be a good factor to rank a site high in their search list. There are lots of instances wherein sites with such types of incoming links are penalized by Google.

All these mean that backlinks are no longer good and effective as it was before and now, they are not even close to what these used to be. With Google monitoring backlinks very seriously, you must consider dumping the “Old SEO” principals and take up the new ones in order to avoid being penalized. It is that simple.

Avoid Article Directory Backlinks

There are lots of different types of backlinks that you ought to avoid in order to avoid being penalized by Google. One of the most significant and highly popular techniques of backlinking that you should avoid is the Article Directory Backlinks while developing your SEO strategy. If you remember pre-Mayday you will know why this is considered to be a big one.

Ideally, this was the most popular and favorite place for the SEO companies to get lots of backlinks easily. All you had to do is:

  • Write a handful of blogs or articles
  • Spin them and
  • Post them on every article directory that you find in existence.

Most sites gained the number one position in the search engine result pages this way.

Mayday and Panda

However, that was before Mayday and Panda came in. Each of these two updates have characteristic features that have made a huge impact in the world of SEO.

Mayday is the most aptly named update of Google perhaps till date. This is because it created a huge panic amongst the users when it was released. This changed the process in which Google used to see everything and work before for ensuring a rank to a site. The same applies for Panda.

  • Till Mayday came in, there were several internet marketers who had hundreds of sites at the number one rank in most of the search engine result pages. These sites provided them with a lot of and full-time income. However, after the release of Mayday by Google, all these sites were removed from the SERP and along with it, all the income of the internet marketers.
  • On the other hand, when Panda came in it crushed the article directory sites completely. Ideally, what Mayday started, Panda finished.

Therefore, with Mayday and Panda looming large at this point, you should not make the gravest mistake of getting backlinks from the article directories. You will then be penalized. It will be much like painting a target on your website for the anti-spam bots of Google to hit and penalize you for your attempt.

Making a tripwire offer

Now the question is with Google being so strict about the backlinks how can you best sell to your email subscribers? Well, there are two easy ways to do that such as:

  • By selling your core offer just like most of the businesses do or
  • By making a tripwire offer and thereby segmenting your email list accordingly.

Out of these two options, it is the second one that happens to be a more strategic option. This is because it will lead to better SEO results in the long-term.

About a tripwire offer

A tripwire offer is actually a small-ticket item that is usually used to segment the freeloaders from the potential customers who are interested in paying to you. this is ideally a:

  • A low-cost approach
  • A low-friction offer and
  • People will be less hesitant to buy from you when you make such an offer.

The good thing about the tripwire offer is that once the users pay, they automatically get into the ‘buying’ mentality. All their worries and concerns are actually eliminated. This eventually paves the way for making transactions with them in the future.

As said earlier, tripwire offer is a low-cost approach and can range anywhere from $0.99 cents to $7 dollars. Ideally, the lowerSEO1.jpeg the cost, the better it is. This is the best approach to move potential customers further into the sales funnel and of course for a better SEO.

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