How To Rank Your Mobile App


We are living in times when mobile apps revolution seems to have dominated the information technology field. According to statistics, a third of today’s world population owns a smart phone. They go ahead to imply that on average, each smart phone owner uses at least nine apps daily. The available app stores boast a record of over 2.2 million apps for users to choose from. Now it clearly shows how we are spoilt for choice when it comes to downloading apps that appeal to our needs.

Do I need to mention that there is a lot of stiff competition between different mobile app developers? Yes that should explain why every time you decide to down load a certain app, you are treated to other almost similar related apps and truth be told, the chances of downloading the app you had in mind are sliced into half.

The only way to stay on top despite all the competition between different app developers is to hire a mobile app marketing agency for promotional services. They are a sure way of saving yourself from unnecessary worries when it comes to strategizing on how to make sure that your app is recognized and downloaded by many users. Unless as a developer you also got advertising skills, then that is the work of mobile app advertisement agencies. Below are some guidelines on how to rank your app using App Store Optimization services?

Ranking Mobile Application Using ASO

As a way of taking your application to the targeted customers, there is need of ranking your application in the application stores. That is one of the surest ways to ensure you do not just own an app that users are not even aware of.  There are strategies to ensure it is done and it can’t be done overnight, but the process is slow but sure. With high rankings, you are assured of streamlined downloads from app stores. Let us look at some of the strategies that will see your mobile application rank in mobile application stores.

  1. Design Elements

    For any product, design is key factor to get the users attention. If an app is to outshine others in the market, it is wise to consider great designs that will have users wanting to download the app. Visual design is one of the most surest ways to create a lasting impression when it comes to users preferences. It is a trusted way of facilitating growth to your application.

  2. Description

    Here, it is important to use app store optimization keywords which are relevant to the app description so that when a user conducts a search; your app will appear along other applications. The description of the app should be on point; therefore you should avoid too much wording and only pay attention to a few descriptive words on how the app is meant to meet the users need and how it is different from other apps. Always note that the keyword selection should be worked on before coming up with a description.

  3. Reviews

    Reviews are other sure ways of getting that app going. An app that generates positive reviews is enough to get you many downloads. Any mobile app marketing agency should always bear in mind that genuine reviews shout out the brand credibility. They are also a sure pass for ranking in the respective app store. On the other hand, negative reviews reflect bad experiences with the users and that is bound to decrease the ranking.

  4. Screenshots

    Screenshots save the potential users the time of going all the way into reading the app description since they are an image of all they need to know about the app. Just looking at the image can help a user to know if an app is worth their time or not given that not many app users are fans of reading things into details so offering screenshots is doing them favor.

  5. Traffic

    It is important to note that an app requires 5000-10000 downloads for it to be ranked, so that means there is need to generate targeted traffic towards your mobile app. Strategies such as SEO and email marketing can help create app download traffic. It is one of the many ways a mobile app advertising agency can use to get positive results.

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