hoola Modern Agency stands out by creating the unexpected

hoola Modern Agency stands out by creating the unexpected
hoola Modern Agency stands out by creating the unexpected

In celebration of their rapid growth over the last four years, hoola recently launched their new brand evolution, which through ‘edgy and unexpected’ creative designs, showcased the agency’s ‘moderness’.

Head of Creative, Jamie Bell said when you see hoola your experience is of a modern, creative agency that is self-aware and does not limit itself to the current trends, but looks and sounds like hoola.

From a creative perspective, landing ‘moderness’ in an ever-changing world, where everything has seemingly been done before, and where having the ‘creative edge’ over other agencies was the only way to succeed, the task to stay modern can become somewhat daunting.

But for the creative team at the Port Elizabeth based agency, the challenge on how to do this, and continuing doing this, was understood. “We must find the new modern in everything we do, without copying anyone’s ideas or creative output,” said Bell.

To bring that across creatively, not only in the company’s creative itself, but for their clients, Bell said the key was to ensure their designs answered the questions posed in each application with “stand-out” creative that was supported by strong visual communication.

“We are constantly looking for better ways to be unexpected. Nothing is left to chance. We think about everything we create through the lens of ‘modern’.”

He said while this may seem to indicate they needed to design “flashy, over-the-top visuals to attract attention”, this was not the case.

“We look at each problem and create visuals in their sphere of influence, which will look different for every client.”

For hoola’s Head of Conceptual Creative, Meagan Viljoen, staying ‘modern’ meant that they needed to be current, and showcase that through their work.

“From the big idea to the execution thereof, our work needs to show fresh thinking,” she said.

“Not only does this show that we are brave, but it also shows we understand our audience, and that we find unique solutions which are relevant to their problems.”

Viljoen added that it was easy to get stuck in a rut and follow “the mould” which society has created for people. However, it was important to break those moulds and stay ahead of the curve through pursuing a fresh perspective, and staying passionate about the work we put out.

Because, “where there is passion, there is commitment, and as creatives, we always strive to outdo our own best work,” she said.

Viljoen ended off by saying to create work that was different to anyone else’s, you needed to create work that was shareable, “because if it’s ‘share-worthy’, it’s different, and if it’s different, it’s modern. And that’s what we’re all about”.

For more information on hoola, visit hoola.agency.