Y Combinator Pours $125K In Philippine Edutech Firm Avion School For Software Developers

Y Combinator Pours 5K In Philippine Edutech Firm Avion School For Software Developers

Philippine-based Edutech firm Avion School has raised US$125,000 from startup accelerator Y Combinator to build a school the teaches Filipinos to become remote software engineers globally.

 The Philippines-based company provides a 12-week course that teaches students the engineering stack and skills required by startups worldwide. The course also has a focus on employability, which teaches collaborative and communication skills through over 80 partner companies associated with the coding school.

 The company sees an opportunity in markets such as the US, where it claims there are around 800,000 developer jobs that aren’t being filled.

 Avion School also offers Income Share Agreements, where the program’s participants don’t need to pay for the course until they’re hired by a company. Towards the end of the program, the startup provides career placement support to students.

 “The reality is that hiring engineers is insanely difficult because not enough people are trained with the skills required to build tech products,” said Victor Rivera, CEO at Avion School. “In essence, we’re building ‘Call Center 2.0’ but with software engineering talent.”

 Since the launch of the company in May, it has kicked-off seven batches of students and partnered with companies like Xendit, PayMongo, and Pulley, among others.

 The coding school claims that its graduates have been offered salaries at least 40% higher than the market rate, with some students seeing their salaries go up as much as 5x the market rate.

 Avion School has previously raised a pre-seed round from investors including Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, Fourth Realm, Francis Plaza, and other angel investors.

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