NTEEP2023 to empower over 500 African startups

NTEEP2023 to empower over 500 African startups
NTEEP2023 to empower over 500 African startups

Nomfro Technologies’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment Project (NTEEP) is a project by Nomfro Technologies that seeks to identify and support innovative startups whose activities can create solutions and employment in Africa.

The project seeks to provide African startups access to entrepreneurship training, websites, technological tools, and digital marketing strategies that help SMEs grow their businesses.

Call for Applications

In this third edition, 500 startups will once again be given the opportunity to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen and businesswomen to support their startups. The credit given will be used to cover the costs of business website development, digital business tools, and the mentorship program for participants.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this funding, one or more of the following criteria have to be met:

Your business must be operating in Africa.

The startup is in idea-stage or early-stage.

Can demonstrate the potential for future scale.

An African living abroad.

International startup focusing on African women, youths, or children.

Application Process

Stage 1 – Startups are invited to join by completing the application form.

Stage 2 – The online session schedule will be announced.

Regular updates on NTEEP-2023 events, training, and opportunities will be shared with the community.

Stage 3 – Finalists for sponsored websites will be announced at the end of the training.

The NTEEP team will connect with you directly to learn more about your business needs and complete on-boarding.

Registration is completely free.

Application Deadline – January 16, 2023

Click here to apply at https://vc4a.com/nomfro-technologies/nteep-2023/