POC Pharma Raises US$4.5M To Digitise Pharmacies In Vietnam

POC Pharma Raises US.5M To Digitise Pharmacies In Vietnam

Pharmacy Online Concierge (POC), an online platform that digitises pharmacies in Vietnam, has secured US$4.5 million in an equity financing round.

Investors joined in the round are Picus Capital (Germany), Goat Capital and FJ Labs (both US-based), Febe Ventures (Singapore) and 500 Startups.

A few unnamed angels also participated.

It is not immediacy clear how the company plans to use the fresh capital.

We have reached out to both POC’s parent POC Pharma as well as Febe Ventures fore more details.

Established in 2020 by Thomas Miklavec and Charles Defrance, POC helps the stakeholders in the pharmacy field (pharmacies, drug manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, payers) to digitally manage their interactions and collaborative workflows.

The company helps pharmacists manage all their processes, increasing revenue and profit while improving their quality of service to patients.

Its services include trade programme and trade offers management, content and information sharing, data integration and visualisation, customised customer engagement, multichannel commercialisation, and order management.

POC claims to have over 20,000 pharmacies and 60 clients across 22 markets.

Prior to starting POC, the duo built Sanisphere, which provides primary data, advanced analytics and in-depth industry expertise to support pharmaceutical companies on commercial excellence in emerging markets.

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