Indonesian Telkomsel Invests US$150M in Gojek

Indonesian Telkomsel Invests US0M in Gojek

Indonesia’s home-grown ride-hailing giant gojek today announced that it has raised US$150 million from Telkomsel, a leading network service provider and subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia and Singtel.

The collaboration marks an expansion of the two tech giants’ multi-year partnership that has offered affordable data packages to gojek driver-partners since 2018.

The joining of forces is also aimed at providing “greater convenience and benefits” such as innovative product offerings and cost savings through joint promotions and product bundles.

The two giants will also collaborate on growing Indonesia’s digital lifestyle sector and increasing the advertising technology solutions available to merchants of all sizes.

In addition, they will work together to implement professional training programmes for Telkomsel employees and share best practices in an effort to boost the country’s technology talent pool.

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