How to embark on a sustainable fashion journey this World Environment Day

How to embark on a sustainable fashion journey this World Environment Day
N3YH, an eco-luxe athleisure brand based in Cape Town

Every year on June 5th, the world unites to celebrate World Environment Day, spotlighting sustainability issues, particularly within the fashion industry. N3YH, an eco-luxe athleisure brand based in Cape Town celebrates World Environment Day by reaffirming their dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry.

It is no secret that the fashion industry ranks among the world’s most polluting sectors, with 92 million tonnes of textile waste produced every year. “There are an estimated 100 billion garments manufactured annually, and roughly a truck load of clothing waste is being dumped every single second. If this worrying trend persists, the volume of fast fashion waste is projected to surge to 134 million tonnes a year by the end of the decade,” says Tanja Merlo, Founder at N3YH.

According to Merlo, embarking on an eco-friendly fashion journey can be simple and entails the following straightforward steps:

Step 1: Opt for quality over quantity.

It’s so easy to fall victim to fashion trends but it’s important to remember that buying less but better is ultimately the way to combat pollution caused by fast fashion. Prior to social media microtrends, clothing trends were marked by seasonal textures and colours, but in the age of TikTok fashion trends may come and go within just a few weeks.

“The spread of microtrends across social media channels has increased consumerism and excessive spending on unnecessary items that are sometimes only worn once or twice. Consumers are now purchasing 400% more clothing than they did 20 years ago, yet waste around 37 kilograms of clothing every year,” Merlo reveals.

Step 2: Support sustainable fashion brands.

Unfortunately, with any lifestyle change, in depth research follows. It is important to be mindful and really get to know the brands you’re choosing to support.

N3YH stands as a trailblazing sustainable fashion powerhouse, crafting cosy sleepwear from organic bamboo and vibrant activewear from recycled fabrics. With an unwavering dedication to shrinking its ecological impact, the brand has seamlessly woven a tapestry of sustainable practices into its production processes.

Step 3: Understand the different types of material.

Considering the environmental impact of the fashion brands we choose to support is an important factor not many individuals think about.

When clothing brands use fabrics like polyester, nylon and acrylic (known as synthetic fibres) these fabrics can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) roughly 35% of all microplastics, which are small pieces of non-biodegradable plastic, in our oceans originate from washing synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

By choosing to support small local factories for manufacturing, N3YH not only supports the community but also reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation. The brand carefully selects the finest sustainable fabrics and utilises recycled trims to ensure that every piece is made with the planet in mind.

N3YH adopts a zero-waste ethos, repurposing fabric cut-offs for accessories, reducing waste, and fostering a circular economy. This innovative approach underscores the brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable fashion practices. With World

Environment Day nearing, N3YH urges consumers to opt for conscious choices and back brands prioritising sustainability, thus paving the way for a greener future.

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