Engen, eThekwini Parks and local community partner to green South Durban

Engen, eThekwini Parks and local community partner to green South Durban
A joint effort by members of Blue Roof Life-Space, Butterfly Foundation, the-eThekwini Municipality, the eThekwini Parks Department, Keep Wentworth Beautiful and Engen

Engen has heeded the South Durban community’s call for assistance to help create safe spaces that are environmentally friendly.

In partnership with eThekwini Parks and local community representatives, Engen officially launched a project on 22 September 2021 that will help ‘green’ mutually agreed areas close to the Engen Refinery.

The launch was attended by eThekwini Municipality Deputy Mayor, Cllr Diana Hoorzuk, members of the eThekwini Parks Department, and Sharin Rajman of the Engen Community Stakeholder Forum, as well as Engen executive committee members Sykry Hassim, Shirley Moroka-Mosia and Fiona Gumede.

“Being both national Heritage and Arbour Month, September is an opportune time for South Africans to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management for the benefit of all,” commented Sykry Hassim, General Manager of the Engen Refinery.

The following four spaces have been earmarked for ‘greening’ in Wentworth and Merebank:

  • Austerville Drive (including the Post Office)
  • Austerville Community Hall
  • Lylapur Park, Merebank
  • Raj Mahal Natraj Park

The initiative will see an initial 350 Spekboom Trees and 120 Fever Trees being planted as well as the installations of communal seating, which has Engen very excited.

“We hope tree planting will help improve the quality of life of our neighbouring community while the 14 eco-lunch benches will provide comfortable rest and relaxation spaces for folk of the area.

“The main street in Austerville is a corridor to public transport, the hospital, post office and other amenities for many community members, especially the aged and people with disabilities,” added Hassim.

Hassim said established parks in Merebank opposite the community shopping centre and Lylapur Park, which is in the middle of a residential area, were also strategically selected.

“These are located close to residential areas and public transport, while also providing rest areas for residents during their shopping, commuting and exercise routines.

“It is Engen’s firm hope that this Greening project marks continued sustainable co-creation with local authorities and communities to create further opportunities that enhance the lives of local communities.”

As a company, Engen supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This is reinforced by this collaborative greening initiative, which primarily demonstrates a focus on SDG 13: Climate Action and SDG 15: Life on Land.