8 Must-Have Tools and Equipment for Small Farms


Modern farm tools and equipment had taken away a lot of stress from farming, unlike before when you had to do everything manually. However, getting the right equipment and tools can be complicated for farmers with plenty of tools out there. To help you out, we have compiled a list of tools and equipment needed in small farms.

  1. Tractor

Tractors are of diverse shapes and dimensions, and varying horsepower. This machine is useful and could be used in different ways, and so it is an absolute must-have on a farm. When purchasing a tractor, make sure you choose the right size for the job. Check the horsepower before buying. Get more work done using 100 hp, but a farm that is not large can use a 35 hp tractor. Visit SourcePro Equipment if you’re looking for high quality, and affordable agricultural equipment in Brisbane.

  1. ATV/UTV

This vehicle is useful for extensive and little farmlands. Vast farms could use these utility vehicles to move their harvest for storing, carrying wood, and other farming work. Besides, you may use this vehicle as towing vans for little trailers. Vehicles can be used to mow lawns, bale hay, set fence posts, push snow, dig a foundation. If a farm is less than 59 acres, UTV can serve you sufficiently. Also, they are cheaper than tractors, and lately, the makers have created attachments to work with these utility vehicles. They include front end loader buckets and manure spreaders.

  1. Mowers

This machine has different sizes and comes in types and is used for keeping grassland and trimming lawns. To care for grass in farmland, choose from a push-behind mower, a zero-turn mower, a riding mower, a pull-behind mower, or a belly-mounted mower for keeping up with your lawn or pastures maintenance. However, you might want a drum mower, a sickle-bar mower, or a disc mower if you are making hay. There are batwing mowers, brush mowers, and flail mowers to consider if you have large areas.

  1. Cultivator

Weeding your fields just got a little more comfortable with modern cultivators. These tools are used for soil cultivation. Use this machine to get rid of weeds around the plant. The cultivator does two functions for farm owners, first, by freshening the ground in specific shapes before putting the seed inside the earth. Secondly, when you finish planting the seeds, the cultivator is called to action once again when weeds grow.

  1. Broadcast Seeder

This machine spreads seeds within selected parts of the farmland and comes in different sizes and shapes. The lawn seeder is carried on the back and disperses seed. Inside the device is a plate that rotates the seed and disperses them in specific sections of the farmland. This device is for planting cover crops, pastures, and seeds.

  1. Manure Spreader

Farmers need this device to help spread manure lightly on the farmland and enhance the richness of the land, prevent fly infestation, and lower filthy runoff. With this tool, you now have solid compost propagators for little farms. The device can be joined with a tractor, which carries plenty of compost on a trip. It is best with more massive herds placed on pasture.

  1. Combine Harvester

This device offers quicker reaping of some categories of crops. The latest type of this machine is essential on farmland. This machine can reap diverse plants by harvesting, gleaning, and sifting in a sequence. The crops that can be harvested with this tool include barley, wheat, corn, and oat.

  1. Assorted Farmland Tools
  • Spade: On a small farm, you need a flat or pointed spade. The instrument is versatile for reaping and for wiping compost.
  • Scythe: A scythe is a farmland appliance used for scything and harvesting yields.
  • Sickle: A sickle is a device with a curved edge used for harvesting. It is cheap and straightforward to use and widely used all over the world.
  • Rake: Here is another handheld tool like the sickle. This tool comes in different types, such as belt rakes, rotary rakes, parallel bar rakes, and wheel rakes; each has pros and cons.
  • A round saw and an electric drill: Many hardware stores stock hundreds of brands of devices you would need in small farmland. If you wish to build a shed or do quick repairs there, you will need these handy appliances like a round saw and an electric drill.


Getting the right farming tools and equipment that will save you money is vital to your business success. We hope this post makes it simpler to get the necessary devices to use in the farmland.

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