Series 2, Episode 7: The Given Mkhari business leadership journey

There was a point, not so long ago, when Given Mkhari was one of the most recognised voices on South African radio. He has moved on to become a respected entrepreneurial business leader on a business leadership journey that, thus far, has been nothing short of a wild ride.
Despite the fact that he is the founder and group CEO of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings – a group that has investments in 15 companies in the media, ICT and communications fields, with operations in over 14 markets on the African continent – he maintains that in essence he remains a teacher. While the classroom and the circumstances in the country may be different, his business in the main is about disseminating information with which the public can interact.

Mkhari’s adventure-laden journey started in Burgersdorp where he was born and decided to become a teacher, and moved rapidly and unexpectedly on to him establishing the first campus-based radio station to be licensed by the then-Independent Broadcasting Authority, and on to internships at a number of New York radio stations, mentorships by world famous radio- and business professionals, academics and yes, even pop stars.

In this half-hour, face-to-face video interview, Mkhari details his growth as a business leader, the personal beliefs and sometimes crazy circumstances that got him there, and shares the valuable lessons learnt along the way from experience as well as his internationally-respected mentors.

Today Mkhari serves as the chairman of MSG Afrika Media. Until 2009, he was a director of The International Marketing Council of South Africa, appointed by the country’s president.

Amongst other accolades he is the recipient of the Men’s Health Businessman of the Year Award (2009) and The Financial Mail’s Top Ten Most Powerful People in advertising 2006 – 2010. In 2014, he received the Special Achievement Award at the Kaelo Awards for the establishment of MSG Group and formation of POWER 98.7. This award is based on his transformative leadership and the significant role he continues to play in the media industry.

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