Series 2, Episode 3: The Marc Wainer Business Leadership journey

It’s no exaggeration to say that Marc Wainer is a giant in the South African property landscape. However, his journey to being the founder, significant shareholder and executive chair of Redefine Properties, which has a market capitalisation of R55 billion (as of September 14 2016), started with having to work in his parents’ grocery store with his brother – and hating every minute of it.

His job in the store was to deal with the reps –placing orders, figuring out whether or not to buy ten cases of tea for a 10% discount; how long it would take to sell and whether it would be worthwhile. Despite detesting the work, he admits that this is where he started learning the ropes of business. It’s probably also where his tough, fast-and-smart negotiating skills started to develop.

His introduction to the property game came when he audaciously applied for a job for which he was ostensibly not qualified. The way he pulled off getting the job however, was the first example of a signature management style he still employs to this day. He calls it MBWA – management by walking around.

In this face-to-face interview, Wainer shares the valuable lessons learnt on his journey to being a renowned business leader and property business innovator.

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