Business Leadership: If you’re an ambitious woman, find a partner who’s just as ambitious

Judy Dlamini’s husband Sizwe Nxasana was not the CEO of FirstRand when she met him. In fact, she was a fourth-year medical student when they were married. Dlamini maintains that what brought them together – and keeps them together – is a common value system: an uncompromising demand for integrity; mutual and self-respect; passion in everything one does; and a relentless work ethic.

Judging by the success of the Nxasanas as both a married couple and a professional business team, it’s a formula that works. As such, Dlamini has sage advice for both young- and older ambitious women. In this four-minute, two-second extract from a full-length, face-to-face video interview, she explores the difficulties ambitious women face in society, romantic relationships and the workplace, and provides invaluable guidance.

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