Shaft sealing and rehabilitation services for the mining industry

Shaft sealing and rehabilitation services for the mining industry
Jet Demolition pays particular attention to health and safety especially when working over an open shaft

A turnkey service is offered by Jet Demolition for the mining industry, including backfilling shaft barrels, designing permanent shaft seals, implementing these seals at a defined depth below natural ground level (NGL), and recording the final position and depth of sealed shafts, followed by the backfill and reinstatement of natural material overtop.

Mining houses typically require such a turnkey service for two main scenarios: Firstly, to seal a shaft permanently as a mitigating factor to prevent unauthorised access by illegal miners or, secondly, to rehabilitate the mining footprint fully, rendering the area safe for public use.

The main requirement for permanent shaft sealing and capping projects is to ensure full compliance with the Mine Health and Safety Act, the provisions of the Department of Mineral Resources, the approved Environmental Management Plan, as well as any client-specific requirements.

The natural surrounding environment also has to be considered, paying special attention to natural water courses and stormwater management. This could mean rerouting natural water courses slightly, while ensuring there is no subsequent negative downstream effect. All material used to fill shafts must be clean and uncontaminated. This is vital to ensure no groundwater contamination after sealing.

“We also offer demolition costing services, assisting large multinational mining clients to determine their demolition liability provisions as part of their eventual closure planning and preparation,” highlights Contracts and Project Manager Kate Bester.

Jet Demolition’s fleet of demolition excavators is differentiated from conventional earthmoving equipment by being adapted to carry specialised demolition tools. These tools are specifically suited to their intended purpose and improve both production and safety. By having access to a variety of fit-for-purpose tools and equipment, projects can be undertaken with minimal interface between workers and risk.

The company is currently undertaking various demolition projects on mining properties. Most of these projects have a large local participation component, whereby the main contractor assists smaller and emerging contractors to undertake specific works packages to acquire knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. In addition to the mining industry, Jet Demolition also offers specialised demolition services for large industries.

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About Jet Demolition

Jet Demolition has been undertaking industrial demolition works since 1994, and is the leading, largest, and most technically advanced demolition company in Africa. It offers in-house, full-range demolition services, including advanced mechanical solutions and controlled implosions. It actively pursues ongoing development of skills and equipment suited to the changing needs of the industry.

Jet Demolition is a technically based company, with various staff members holding MSc, BSc, and BTech Degrees, as well as National Diplomas, in various engineering fields. This expertise gives it the technical foundation to successfully engineer solutions for large and complex demolition projects, and furthermore fuels its drive to deliver quality projects safely. Jet Demolition strives to offer its clients innovative and technical solutions to demanding demolition challenges.

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Jet Demolition Contracts and Project Manager Kate Bester
Jet Demolition Contracts and Project Manager Kate Bester