Reliable & affordable boom lift hire

Reliable & affordable boom lift hire
Reliable & affordable boom lift hire

Whatever your project may entail, hiring a boom lift has some great advantages and will allow you to get to those hard to reach places in a way that is safe and secure.

So why come to Sterling Access for your boom lift hire needs? Sterling Access has been in the equipment rental industry for over twenty years now. In this time we have had the pleasure of working with numerous satisfied clients across South Africa, and the projects that we have been involved in have been exceptionally varied. Or large fleet of boom lifts for are well-maintained and are in great condition. Some of the boom lifts we have to offer include:

We offer both electric and diesel articulating boom lifts at Sterling Access. We have around a dozen different articulating boom lifts in our range, allowing you to reach heights of between 9m and 39m. These type of lifts work well in a diverse range of different worksites as they allow for great horizontal and vertical reach. The articulating parts of the boom lift allow the controller to get the aerial platform into hard to reach places.

Telescopic boom lifts are also known as cherry pickers, as their original design was primarily used for fruit picking. Our telescopic boom lifts allow you to reach heights of between 10m and 40m. These machines are versatile and durable, and would add massive value to a construction site. All of our telescopic boom lifts are powered by diesel engines.


If you want a boom lift that is easy to transport, trailer mounted boom lifts are the ideal option for you.  We currently have two trailer mounted boom lifts in our fleet, the HTA13P and the HTA16P, which allow you to reach heights of 13m and 19m respectively.

Looking for an affordable and reliable boom lift hire service? Buy or rent boom lifts from Sterling Access today. Get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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