Looking for quality drywalls in Durban?

Looking for quality drywalls in Durban?
Looking for quality drywalls in Durban? Image source: Unsplash

As a contractor or enterprise, it can be hard to decide definitively on the right supplier of products for your business or to get your business going. This is ever so present when looking for drywall suppliers in Durban as finding drywalling that you can rely on to be sturdy and deliver on its promises is more challenging than you may think.

Quality Check: 3 Questions To Ask Drywall Suppliers

So, how exactly do you choose between the very many drywall suppliers in Durban and be sure you are making the right choice?

First And Foremost, What Will Your TOTAL Costs Be?

This may seem silly to some, but there can often be hidden charges in the fine print of your sales agreement with some drywall suppliers. This isn’t always due to dubious reasons. Still, when it comes to tax and logistics, some companies only lay that out for you after you have signed your agreement with them. This makes it a good idea to enquire about the full expenses you can expect to be faced with when deciding on a drywall supplier.

Can They Give You A Liability Insurance Certificate?

In the construction industry, it is always a priority to ensure you identify whether or not the drywall suppliers in Durban you are considering have adequate and valid liability insurance. In the case that their products happen to malfunction or fail as this can be a huge liability to your own business if not secured. Always make sure you see a valid liability insurance certificate before you make your final decision on drywall suppliers.

Can They Ensure Guaranteed Sell-Through?

If you are not only a drywall contractor but a stocker of drywall, you will want to ensure that you do not get stuck with a product that won’t sell. This is a loss of valuable income as well as shop space and can be one of the biggest headaches of stocking construction products.

To ensure you don’t have to deal with this, be sure to ask the drywall supplier what their return policies are and if you have the option to negotiate what we consider a “sell-through’. This is the opportunity to return unsold or faulty products for credit or cash back. This is a safety net to ensure that you do not lose money based on the popularity or reliability of a new product you are stocking.

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Finding a drywall supplier in Durban that you can trust can be tricky, but at Capco, we are dedicated to delivering on time, every time and we pride ourselves on our product reliability and customer care.

Looking for the best quality drywalls in South Africa? Capco has branches both in KZN and Gauteng. To get in touch with our team at Capco, call us today!

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