Drywall Suppliers in Johannesburg

Drywall Suppliers in Johannesburg
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As one of the market-leading drywall suppliers in Johannesburg we are sharing our tips on the trendy industrial look to inspire your office design.

Drywall Suppliers

When designing an office space, your aim is always to bring in your brand’s visual language balanced with contemporary design. As one of the market-leading drywall suppliers in Johannesburg, we are sharing our interpretation of the trendy industrial look to inspire your office design direction.

The Industrial Look Overview

To achieve the industrial look in a commercial environment, we propose you aim for:

  • A double volume reception space with loungey-type furniture for quick chats.
  • Sectioned off areas, for more focused or confidential conversations, constructed of floor to soffit glazing. Open space is everything in this design.
  • Big views onto the city combined with areas of clerestory glazing.
    • A first prize would be an exposed zig-zag roofline containing glazing.
  • High soffit or slab and big room volumes.
  • Exposed masonry walls, roof beams, old timber doors with surface-mounted metal ironmongery.
  • Resanded original timber flooring or a concrete slab with a floated finish.

The Style Details

Fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings play a key role in the interpretation of this style. Refurbished old office pieces with industrial metal joints showing welding work would be ideal. Strip any paint off the metal and apply a layer of protective sealant.

Worktops can be chunky, dense slabs of wood but the toughest part is finding comfortable, ergonomic chairs that fit the style. They are like hens’ teeth.

Plumbing, electrical, airconditioning and sprinkler pipes should be revealed. They can be painted in different colours, e.g. red for fire and yellow for plumbing, or paint black to make them more subtle.

The selection of light fittings is also important. It does not have to be only factory-style lighting. A huge colored chandelier would add a touch of humor. Due to the big open space, the design can cope with unusual lights made from recycled waste and a mixture of different fittings.

The Big Items In The Style – Final Notes

Drywall vertical planes can be used creatively to segment off areas for various functions. They don’t need to be attached to the soffit so the space, light and breezes are not blocked. Drywalls are relatively soft and can be shaped into exciting elements.

If you have exposed masonry walls, then monochromatic drywalls will present a pleasing contradiction to them. Sections of drywall can be mounted in the centre of exposed masonry walls, and oversized image wallpaper can be added onto it for dramatic 3D visual effects.

A wrought iron staircase is always a lovely find in an industrial space. If you can’t salvage an old one, then a contemporary metal version is a good alternative in a matt, natural finish.

Drywalls and cement boards can add exciting elements and contrasts to your commercial interior. Ask your drywall supplier for more inspiration and technical data.

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