AECOM launches 32nd edition of its Africa Property & Construction Cost Guide 2021/22

AECOM launches 32nd edition of its Africa Property & Construction Cost Guide 2021/22
Dean Narainsamy, Director, Programme Cost Consultancy (PCC), Africa

The guide forms part of AECOM’s commitment to improve project delivery through unique and comprehensive research about the industry.

Integrated infrastructure delivery company AECOM has launched its Africa Property & Construction Cost Guide 2021/22. “Celebrating its 32nd edition, this guide forms part of our commitment to improve project delivery through unique and comprehensive research about the industry,” comments Dean Narainsamy, Director, Programme Cost Consultancy (PCC), Africa. The guide shares insights about commercial and retail developments and industrial and healthcare facilities, as well as comprehensive local and international building cost rates.

The last year-and-a-half has been challenging, both in the workplace and at home. With public and private infrastructure spend subdued, a turnaround is expected post-vaccination rollout. “Unfortunately, this has limited success regionally to date, but we are hopeful that as the vaccine programme starts to safeguard our country, a more positive outlook is on the horizon for the construction industry in FY22,” comments Narainsamy.

Based on the cost data included in the guide, Africa continues to steadily grow despite the challenges the pandemic has presented. With larger infrastructure and construction projects gradually coming to market, these will provide opportunities for investment and service providers for 2021 and beyond.

“We have identified how certain markets have shifted. Coupled with this, we have worked closely with our clients, looking at their specific needs and tailoring solutions to meet renewed expectations. This has resulted in repeat business that has been crucial to our building backlog and pipeline opportunities,” highlights Narainsamy.

On the technology front, AECOM continues to develop and enhance its 5D digital capabilities. Most recently, its focus has been communicating the importance of the ‘I’ for ‘Information’ in BIM. “A design is only a BIM design when the data and information behind the 3D graphical representation is as considered and accurate as the image itself. We have found this data to be more important than the graphic representation. We have been collaborating with our various design disciplines to communicate this message, and we are grateful for how our colleagues are responding by making continuous improvements to modelling best practices,” notes Narainsamy.

This collaboration is enhanced by AECOM’s global reach, as its teams now share knowledge and develop capabilities alongside its colleagues in the US, the UK and the Middle East. “We continue to cascade our digital knowledge gains down to all members of our cost management teams to ensure that all of us can focus on providing a fuller service offering to our clients,” adds Narainsamy.

AECOM has maintained its Level One Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) scorecard in terms of the Department of Trade and Industry’s revised codes, which is a reaffirmation of the company’s commitment to contributing to a better South Africa. “Our strategy to address diversity in our business has indeed gained momentum over the last year,” reports Narainsamy.

Female leadership in particular is making its mark, not only in the business, but influencing the built environment in all disciplines. Workshops with the Africa leadership team covering diversity in leadership, women empowerment, retaining young talent, religious inclusion, disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ community have allowed AECOM to formulate a succinct plan to address these critical differentiators in the workplace.

“As a company devoted to delivering a better world, we have launched and embarked on our Sustainable Legacies journey that re-emphasises our commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives. These are exciting times, as these ambitious goals have been set to meet some major future milestones. My team looks forward to engaging with our clients, old and new, to align common goals, understand their needs and partner with them to achieve common sustainability goals. Our strategy is based on offering our clients optimal outcomes for their construction projects. We await the challenges ahead with anticipation,” concludes Narainsamy.

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