What You Need To Know About LED Headlights

LED Highlights
What You Need To Know About LED Headlights

Light emitting diode (LED) headlights have become popular with changing technology. The fact that they are smaller in size, come in many colors and consume less energy have made them preferred by most car owners for headlights.

Car manufacturers have turned to LEDs as they create room for mass production unlike halogen lights or HID lights that influence car models. LEDs can be made in flexible shapes which do not limit the car manufacturer to a particular shape of headlights.

Although LED headlights have overtaken the production of halogen and HID headlights, here are some things to note about them.

How Do LEDs Work?

LED headlights, unlike halogen ones, need low power to function. The science behind the functioning of LED is the production of a photon (fraction of light) using negative electrons falling on positive electrons (holes) on a semiconductor. The production of multiple photons is what creates continuous light.

Advantages of LED

  • They require little energy to produce
  • LEDs do not limit the manufacturer to specific lamp shapes because they can be manipulated to create any design.
  • They are small in size, making them easy to manipulate
  • They produce more light than halogen lights
  • They are warmer than HID lights
  • Light is not very bright but makes visibility clearer
  • LEDs last longer than other headlights.

Disadvantages Of LED

  • The production cost can be slightly higher than other headlights
  • Can create high temperatures near other assemblies
  • They can be difficult to design

What You Need To Know About LED Headlights

Choosing LED Headlight

  • The headlight bulb type is of importance. Bulb types are available on online platforms.
  • The vehicles owner’s manual is also available to check on the bulbs type
  • Local car dealers can get the bulbs type from the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Bulb information is clearly recorded on the headlight bulb
  • Calculate the brightness of the bulb through the amount of energy the bulb consumes.
  • Avoid buying non-dimmable LEDs
  • Not all light fixtures can use LEDs
  • A qualified mechanic specializing in headlights should check faulty LED bulbs
  • Choose LEDs of a preferred color because they come in various colors.
  • Not all LEDs are allowed in all locations. Opt for a color acceptable by the law.


Where To Buy LEDs lights

Many car spare parts shops sell LED lamps. Window shop to determine the variety of lamps available, including the cost implication. Today, the world is technologically-savvy, meaning LED headlights are also available for sale online. Therefore, it is another platform to get the headlights.


LED headlights are the newest technology in manufacturing of headlights. They are power saving and thus cheaper to operate than other headlights models available on the market. Availability of various colors makes these headlights more popular because there’s a color for every personality out there.

Factors such as size and type of headlight, the color of the LEDs, a client’s preference, the use of the headlight and the local authorities law highly determine whether to purchase  LED lights or not.

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