Top 4 European Countries Great For Startups

Top 4 European Countries Great For Startups
Top 4 European Countries Great For Startups. Image source: Supplied

Startup cities are emerging all over the world. All regions including Asia and Europe are fast rising and churning a great number of successful startups that have achieved global recognition like Shazam, Skype, Zalando, and Spotify.


Europe is becoming a popular destination for startups because of funding and the business environment. Many startup founders are shopping for countries with the best business environment and those with readily available resources, security, proper legislation, and little government interference in business, favourable tax laws, incentives, and most importantly a market that can be served.

Great Britain

London is by far the most popular city in the European startup world with Manchester in second place as one of the cities with the highest number of startup offices.  London makes a fantastic city to set up your startup because of the opportunities that are available in terms of infrastructure, a vibrant business environment that is service-driven, and most importantly startup funding. London is by far the leader when it comes to startup funding. Venture capitalists visit the city in search of the next big thing, which explains why it is an important destination for startups and the founders are aware of this. More than 30% of European venture capitalists are based in the UK with record amounts of investment recorded for startups alone.


Cyprus has many startups, but it is not a name that pops up when discussing startup destinations, but it is one that you need to consider. There many reasons why you should consider Cyprus when looking for your country to launch your stratup. The island country has many opportunities and an enabling business environment in terms of its low cost of living and high quality of life; and it is strategically located between Asia, Europe, and Africa, which offers access to multiple markets. Government policies and tax incentives are favourable for foreign businesses looking to set up shop in Cyprus.

Launching a startup in Cyprus is easy and straightforward, especially when you employ the services of a law firms like that is experienced in helping businesses to set up their offices in many countries across the world.


Greece is considered one of the emerging destinations for startup founders and entrepreneurs. The reasons for these are quite obvious – Greece is also a country that is strategically located, apart from the fact that it provides access to EU free markets; it also has the advantage of access to other markets like the African market. Greece has many advantages including low cost living, quality communication infrastructures, ease of doing business, a wonderful weather, and beautiful tourist sites. There is no doubt that Greece makes a perfect destination for startups, with low taxes and a thriving business climate.


Bulgaria makes the list of top European countries for startups for many reasons. The country has a thriving software product development and services ecosystem that is gaining a lot of interest from startup founders and venture capitalists from around the world. The country has one of the lowest company income taxes in Europe, making it a preferred alternative to other popular destinations in Europe.