Tips To Pick The Best Ice Making Machine For Your Restaurant And Bar

It is hard to imagine restaurants and bars operating without ice making machines. There really is nothing like an ice-cold drink that offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Restaurants and bars have their task cut out here. The ice making machine needs to be picked on the basis multiple criteria and not just a single aspect. For instance, the type of ice cubes that you need, the type of compressor, and the model of the machine is all important aspect that you need to consider. Here are some of the more important aspects that need to be assessed when you set about trying to identify the most suitable ice making machine.

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Type Of Ice Cubes

There are basically three different types of ice cubes that may be required in a typical bar and restaurant operations – regular cube ice, nugget ice, and flake ice. These three different types of ice have different uses and you need to ensure that you pick a model that gives you the type of ice that you need. It would be a good idea to choose a model that can offer at least two or all the three types of ice. Cube ice is the most popular among the three as it melts slowly giving customer’s greater chilling capacity. When you pick the top of the line models from reputed manufacturers like Iron Mountain Refrigeration commercial ice makers you can look forward to making ice cubes as per exact specifications/requirements.

Understand The Different Types Of Compressors In Ice Makers

Basically, ice makers have three types of compressors – air cooled, water cooled and remote compressor. Depending on the availability of space you need to choose between the different types of compressor models. Remote compressors refer to air-cooled compressors that are mounted outside the premises with lines running between the compressor and the unit that is placed inside the premises. These models make the least noise when compared with other models, and technically occupy little space. The suitability depends on the premises and is ideal for operations where it may not be required to shift the unit frequently.

Differences Within Types Of Ice Making Machines

In addition to the above technical differences, you need to look at the different types of ice makers. This can sometimes also be regarded as the primary consideration. For instance, you can choose a countertop model, an under counter model or a maker cum dispenser. An under counter model will typically have the rated capacity to produce a little more than 200 lbs of ice cubes per day and this model will fit in perfectly under counters. The model comes with a storage bin that will permit the ice cubes to be stored and dispensed. Other heavy duty models have a capacity of upwards of 350 lbs per day with heavier storage capacities. These models are intended for use in bigger restaurants that have more space for the machines. Choose a machine as per your requirements and the available space to accommodate the models.