The Type of Personal Coaching Available Online

The Type of Personal Coaching Available Online
The Type of Personal Coaching Available Online. Image source: Pixabay

The past decade has seen a sharp rise in the coaching business as more and more people have started to take an interest in their personal well-being and professional development. People are more aware and have seen strong examples of international and local mentors who once prove guidance has been able to show positive results. Gone are the days when people would think of it as a stigma to talk about their problems with strangers and not consider speaking with a coach or a mentor.

With that one needs to understand the many different types of mentors and coaches that are found online and offline. The final decision is yours, of whom you go with to discuss your professional and personal issues. Here we will outline the different types of coaches available online, and the niche markets that they cater to.

Who is a Coach?

Just because it is fast becoming a popular business, it is not an easy one to be one. It requires a person to be extremely responsible and disciplined enough to first achieve his/her own goals and dreams in order to show that to its client. Along with a whole lot of training and working with your own mentors to work within the ethical framework of coaching and looking after your own well-being as well, while listening to others outshine and reach out for their own dreams and life goals.

If you are the kind of person who likes to see others perform above their own potential and gain personal satisfaction from serving the community at large; seeing a smile on someone’s face gives you more inner peace than any other. Then this is the kind of profession that can help you impart the empathy that you have for other humans. But the question lies in what kind of coaching can you do? There are many different kinds of coaches but we will pick some of the most common or the most popular ones found online.

Types of Coaches

Life Coach

The most common one to date and somewhat the most cliched. As most feel, with their life experiences in hand they are eligible to become a life coach for others around them. A life coach acts as a catalyst for their clients. They help to guide you through life, be it personal or professional obstacles. Sometimes, one is unable to see through their own limitations and feels stuck. That is when a Life coach can really help you pave your path of success.

Wellness Coaches

A very important position that bridges the gap between fitness and a healthcare professional. A wellness coach will guide their clients slowly through obstacles that could become self-harming behavior. They work on building your self-esteem and confidence that limits a person to achieve a higher sense of being, empowering them to step out of their comfort zone.

Business Coaches

Business coaches are in popular demand, especially with a boom in the startup business, where young and old are all trying to build their own businesses. A business coach is one that has a knack to help other entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Some also, work in the field of career transitioning which is a tricky business.

All in all, all types of coaches play a critical role in a person’s development as one is handing over their life and professional future in another person’s hand. Coaches hold a high level of responsibility for being ethical, just and careful about personal judgments.

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