The Top 9 Commandments of Effective Copywriting


Copywriting is an important business right now and businesses are always searching for companies that offer these services. With billions of businesses increasingly focusing on content marketing, there are millions of websites, blogs, podcasts, magazines, and social media websites that need content. Copywriters, editors, and SEO experts are the ones who will meet all these existing content needs. Irrespective of what is being written, an excellent copy will always need the same features and quality every time. Here are top tips that every copywriter should keep in mind when they are focusing on online copywriting.

Know your audience

When writing content, it is important for you to understand your target audiences. Your content must be able to identify with what the customer is looking for it to stand out. You should take time to do thorough research on your clients so that you can develop content that they will love. This will help you to evaluate your clients and come up with a demographic profile of the most valuable clients that you can advertise to. You can use different attributes to come up with the best demographic profile of your clients, for example, gender, age, income, ethnicity, family status, occupation, and interests. Companies that know what their clients want can use their content to target better, make more sales and build authority.

Catch the right attention

Great copywriting will always attract the right readers and will change them for the better. There is no point for you to have more people know about your business unless they also want to do business with your company. When you think about catching the attention of your clients, you should think about headlines because they are the signals that will make your customer stop and even take notice. Your headlines must be targeted specifically to your target audience and provide an idea of the information included in the rest of your advert.

Answer questions

If you think about the search engines structure, they are obviously created to answer questions. Whatever a customer needs, he/she will just type a keyword phrase on the search engines and they will get a list of websites that are able to give the answers that he/she wants. The content that always stands out, are those that answer the questions of the users. This is why you must ensure that your content provides the information that the clients are looking for.

Exploit the weaknesses of your competition

For you to come up with compelling copy, it is crucial for you to know what differentiates your products or services from your competitors. This means that you will have to learn the weaknesses of your competitors. Once you know the weakness of your competitors, you will know how to convince your audience to purchase from your business and not your competitors. Therefore, you should take time to know what your competitors offer with regards to products and services. You should feel free to tear your competitors apart, however, be realistic in all your comparisons. This way, you will be able to support all your claims in case you are challenged.

Understand your medium

When writing your copy, you must be aware that every different medium where your content is placed will need a unique style and tone. Depending on where your information will be posted, the copy that you use will change depending on the audience that will see your ad. Therefore, you should determine whether the content will be on a billboard, local newspaper, or news magazine. Furthermore, different marketing pieces will need varying types of copy. Website copywriters should always remember that there are different ways that one can use a copy for promoting their business other than the traditional advertisements. Make sure that you use every appropriate and possible opportunity to communicate your unique marketing message to your target audience.

Use great, relevant links

If you know anything about SEO, then you will understand that authority is one of the crucial factors that can help you rank well in the search engines. With copywriting, you can build authority by harnessing the power of strong links. Search engines such as Google will rank websites that have lots of outbound links to superior quality sites in a more positive way. Therefore, if you want to rank well and higher with the search engines, then you should ensure that you rank well.

Avoid using too much information

When writing your copy, you should be precise and provide accurate and concise information. You will lose the attention of your target audience if you provide too many details in the copy. Effective copywriting will inform your audience whatever they need to know, how to make the purchase, and how to contact you for additional information. When you use extra details, it will clutter the minds of your readers and this will increase the chances of them forgetting the most crucial aspects of your marketing program or advertisement.

Capitalize on call-to-action

Your copy content will be directionless if you do not have a compelling call-to-action. A strong CTA will give your readers a direct command and it will assist in pinpointing them in the direction that you want them to follow, for example, buying your products or services or subscribing to your email list. Learning to write a strong and compelling call-to-action is important as this will up your copywriting game and ensure that your content will stay strong, engaging and relevant for a long time.

Utilize the power of lists

It is a fact that using numbers in your headlines and sub-headings makes your content more powerful. Headlines containing numbers usually get more clicks than those without numbers. This is mainly because they are easy-to-read and well-divided pieces. These articles also tend to garner more shares because of their specificity and readability.

Whether you are a small business or medium-sized business owner, you need to understand the fundamentals of writing copy and content that sales. This is important because copywriting is an important device in the marketing toolbox of any company. A well-written copy can either make or break a marketing or advertising piece. With the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to write the best copywriting pieces that will boost your business sales.



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