The Role of HR Certifications in Landing HR Jobs in South Africa

The Role of HR Certifications in Landing HR Jobs in South Africa
The Role of HR Certifications in Landing HR Jobs in South Africa

A normal HR career starts from getting a degree in the Human Resources Management, then if you are lucky you get a job in HR or you opt for an HR internship. In South Africa, it has become a recent trend that employers have started asking from HR professionals to be certified. This need to be certified is totally artificial as almost a decade ago there was no such requirements from employers for their HR personnel to be certified.

This need to have an HR department full of Certified Human Resource Professionals is purely international and South Africa is following the footsteps of United States, Canada and the Middle East, the question of improved performance and efficiency is yet to be seen. At this point one of the most useful platforms for HR certifications is HRAcademia, why is it different from the rest of the platforms? The answer is simply: The ease and convenience which it provides to HR professionals worldwide to get HR Certified. HRAcademia is a one stop solution for all HR Certification needs.

The process of getting HR certified is straining and very rigorous worldwide, some of the top bodies worldwide make it really complex to register, process your application and finally allow you to attempt the exam. HRAcademia has made strong systems to ensure that people just register on their global portal ( from anywhere in the world, sign up for a certification, access all the learning material and then attempt the exam directly from their portal. This means a person can get HR certified from the comfort of their homes.

Nowadays it has become really difficult for people to land HR jobs in South Africa as the landscape of human resource management is changing and HR jobs are scarce. A lot of candidates who are into their early careers in HR rely heavily on HR Internships in South Africa. Senior and mid-career HR professionals also face a plethora of difficulties if their career and education is not backed by an HR certification. In such times globally recognized platforms such as HRAcademia provide a ray of hope to HR professionals in South Africa.

At the same time, after doing a cost analysis of all the HR certifications options available worldwide, it can easily be concluded that getting this certification is quite inexpensive as the certifications available on HRAcademia are by far the most cost effective.

However, the role of certification regardless of where you get it from cannot be downplayed. In a normal selection scenario, an employer will always prefer a candidate for HR position if he is certified and those candidates who do not have HR certifications will always take a back seat and this is a crude fact. The reason says one CEO of a food company is that when they hire HR personnel, “those with certifications are always more well versed in processes and functionalities of HR as they have core knowledge of HR function”. Maybe this is what sets a certified and a non-certified person apart. It is probably a good time for Human Resources Professionals in South Africa to be consider seriously about getting HR certified.

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