Take Inspiration From These Stores On Shopify Before You Start An Online Clothing Store

Do you want to start online clothing store but feel a little overwhelmed? While the clothing business is booming at a faster rate than ever, you can benefit from it too. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Get inspired by these online stores that are doing great business on Shopify and know that you can do extremely well too!

Taylor Stitch

This store was launched in 2010. Initially, the store was selling only tailored and custom-made pieces for men. Their goal is to enable customers to buy elegant clothing for lower prices than what’s offered by other clothing brands. One of the highlights of this Shopify store is to enable customen look their best every day. The hair extensions store is doing terrific business as thousands of women choose to buy from this store. The extensions come in great quality and enable women to try new hair colors and styles without causing any damage to their natural locks. Luxy Hair store has additional products and contains loads of information about hair in its blog and videos.

Yoga Rebel

One of the unique and successful clothing stores on Shopify is Yoga Rebel. The aim of the founders to start online clothing store was to get clothing wear in more colors and patterns. You must have noticed there were limited colored yoga clothing available. This clothing store offers a wide range of patterns and styles for people to choose from. There are other products sold on this clothing store as well such as yoga mats and maternity wear.

Yoga Rebel is a unique clothing brand that focuses on yoga clothing and yoga related products.

St. Frank

A master of handcrafted décor, this Shopify store has everything that you need to make your house as lovely as you want to. St. Frank store’s appeal lies in the variety of products that they sell, each with a unique individuality of its own. Whether you’re looking for pillows, tabletops, bed textiles, or art, you will find it all at St. Frank’s store. This Shopify store started with humble beginnings and has become a powerhouse today.

Khara Kapas

Shopify’s store Khara Kapas is a popular store that sells handmade clothing inspired mainly by the Indian culture. You will find beautifully designed clothing that’s simple yet ooze sophistication. The cotton clothes sold by Khara Kapas are comfortable so people can wear them on a regular basis. It provides shopping all over the globe. This Shopify store makes more than $1500 sales on a daily basis which makes it one of the most profitable ventures on Shopify!


This is one of the brands that didn’t take too long to grow and is one of the most well-known brands in fitness. Gymshark is a UK-based online clothing store that was launched in 2012 by teenagers. It all started in a garage and is now popular in over 131 countries. It has more than three million followers which shows the brand is nowhere close to slowing down anytime soon. This Shopify store is an impressive example of how you can start online clothing store and make it big!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This Shopify store is gaining momentum and has been one of the best stores for cosmetic products. Created by Jeffree Star, the store’s products are a hit amongst everyone in the world. The store is one of the most inspirational online stores since it sets an example to be yourself and follow your passion no matter what the world says. The devil-may-care attitude of the brand is reflected on the website and the products as well.  


This Shopify store was launched in the year 2016. This clothing store is geared to sell clothing for children. It sells onesies, tops, dresses, and bottoms. The concept behind the store is to sell comfortable clothing that children can wear on a daily basis. The emphasis is on comfort so that children can easily run around and enjoy while wearing these clothes. It makes use of soft fabrics to create clothes and this why it has been one of the most successful clothing stores on Shopify.

You can start online clothing store with Shopify so you can easily start selling clothes online to your customers all over the globe. Shopify brings everything together for you so you can run your business smoothly and start making sales.