Afrika Tikkun calls for the Government of National Unity to ensure accountability and serve national interests.

Marc Lubner, Executive Deputy Chairperson at Afrika Tikkun

03 July 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa: – Responding to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet announcement, South Africans are demanding that the newly established historic coalition government must close the door on exploitation, delivering tangible change to a nation crippled by greed, corruption, and poverty.

Marc Lubner, Executive Deputy Chairperson at Afrika Tikkun, issues a pressingly stark call, “South Africa has spoken. The Government of National Unity (GNU) reflects the collective desire of our people to ensure that those in power serve national interests rather than personal agendas. South Africa (SA) will no longer tolerate actions that undermine our nation’s potential,” says Lubner.

“Parliamentarians who choose to ignore the growing impetus of SA’s young people do so at their own risk as these are the individuals who will be voting in the next election. The time is now to put our issues and greed aside and work together for the benefit of us all,” he adds.

Lubner highlights that the inauguration of the diverse and representative GNU holds the potential to restore our nation’s promise and reclaim the vision of Madiba. “This is not just rhetoric; it’s our blueprint for survival and success on the global stage. It is SA’s opportunity to reignite the pursuit of equality and prosperity for all, and a chance to build a future where every citizen can thrive, not only for ourselves but for future generations,” says Lubner.

The critical role of collaborative governance

Lubner has long advocated for collaboration between civil society, government, and the private sector to address the roots of poverty, inequality, and unemployment. He stresses that established, robust public-private partnerships, are not optional but essential to address SA’s most pressing socioeconomic challenges and create employment.

“By bridging the public and private sectors, we can form policies and programmes that sustainably solve socioeconomic problems and propel progress. This is crucial for tackling the complex challenges our country faces,” Lubner emphasises.

Youth empowerment and economic growth

The new GNU comes at a critical time for South Africa’s youth. With an unemployment rate of 33%, the highest globally, and youth unemployment rates even more alarming, Lubner appeals for immediate action to foster job creation, skills development, and economic resilience, particularly for the youth.

“Youth represent our future. Investing in education, skills development and vocational training will equip youths to navigate the demands of an evolving global economy. SA’s youth are brimming with potential, they want jobs, not handouts! The GNU must lead with bold strategies to ensure a future where every citizen, particularly our youth, can contribute to the country’s progress,” Lubner says.

Prioritising the greater good: Transparency, accountability and action

The formation of the GNU is a chance to reinvigorate democracy and restore trust.
Transparency, accountability, and inclusive decision-making processes are critical, says Lubner.

“The recent elections highlights a shift in priorities among leaders and voters alike, this indicates that our democracy is maturing. It is imperative that the greater good is prioritised. A renewed sense of purpose and unity has the potential to drive progress across all sectors,” Lubner adds.

Every South African has a role to play in shaping the country’s future. The corporate sector must invest in local communities, create employment opportunities, and recognise the potential of SA’s youth. “Active citizenship is not merely a civic duty but a moral imperative.” he adds.

Afrika Tikkun, with its 30-year legacy of holistic development of young lives in impoverished communities, exemplifies the power of partnership-focused principles. Collaborating with local and global organisations, it leverages resources to scale its reach and impact, creating sustainable socio-economic solutions.

“Nelson Mandela, our Patron-in-Memoriam at Afrika Tikkun, showed SA that sustainable change comes through collaboration,” Lubner emphasises. “Although our progress as a country has been derailed, collective effort can achieve extraordinary outcomes. Let us commit working together to build a nation where hope prevails and potential flourishes—a nation all South Africans can proudly call home.”

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