South African Woman Breaks Boundaries and Shines at a top Global Competition

South African Woman Breaks Boundaries and Shines at a top Global Competition
Kgomotso Molefe

Johannesburg, South Africa – In a remarkable story of passion, perseverance, and breaking boundaries, 28-year-old Kgomotso Molefe from South Africa has emerged a winner at a global competition held in Lisbon, Portugal. Her journey, which began as a learner in a youth career development program, has culminated in her being crowned the top auto glass repair technician in an international competition.

Kgomotso’s career choice is one not commonly pursued, especially by women, making her achievements even more extraordinary. She started her career in 2019 when PG Glass took her in as a learner through a youth development program aimed at providing young individuals with the skills and opportunities to succeed in various trades. Her dedication, exceptional skills, and relentless pursuit of excellence earned her a permanent position as a roving technician within the leading auto glass company, PG Glass. She would go from one Fitment Centre to the next supporting her colleagues whenever the need arises. She then moved to being a fixed Technician in one of PG Glass’ busiest Fitment Centres, in Centurion.

Recognised for her outstanding performance, Kgomotso was given the opportunity to compete at the national level, where she surpassed her colleagues to become the top auto glass repair technician in the country. Her success did not stop there. PG Glass then afforded her the opportunity to go compete in the biennial global competition where all countries across the world compete for the Top Auto Glass Technicians in different categories. She represented South Africa at the Best of Belron Competition, a prestigious global competition, where top industry suppliers, customers and companies attend. The Belron Group is a leading global player in Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement. She competed against 30 top technicians from around the world.

Kgomotso, not only participated but triumphed, bringing home the Award of Best Repair Technician.

This achievement is a testament to the power of equal opportunities. When individuals are given the chance to succeed, regardless of gender, the results can be phenomenal. Kgomotso’s story highlights the importance of breaking gender barriers and encouraging more women to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated industries. Her victory showcases that excellence knows no gender, and with the right support and opportunities, anyone can achieve greatness.

Kgomotso’s win also puts South Africa on the global stage in the auto glass repair industry. Her success has not only brought pride to her company but has also shone a spotlight on South Africa as a country capable of producing world-class talent in technical fields. The South African flag was proudly displayed at the competition, symbolizing the nation’s presence and competitiveness in the global market where global giant companies and captains of industries across the world were in attendance.

Kgomotso Molefe

“I am incredibly honoured and proud to have represented South Africa and most importantly represented an ordinary township child and to show them that everything is possible if you persevere. Growing up in the dusty streets of Garankuwa, I never even thought I would be flying to Europe, let alone win a prestigious title. Being in an aeroplane for the first time in my life, it was both scary and intimidating. I felt the pressure and the nerves, but I knew deep down that nothing I couldn’t handle with the support that I received internally at PG Glass. This journey has been challenging but immensely rewarding. I hope my story inspires other young women to pursue their passions and break through any barriers they may encounter. Don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted and unconventional territories. With dedication and the right opportunities, anything is possible”


Quote from Steven Lurie, Commercial Director of PG Glass

“Kgomotso’s achievement is a proud moment for all of us. It underscores the importance of providing equal opportunities and support for young talent. We are committed to nurturing skills and fostering an environment where everyone can excel. Kgomotso has proven that with the right attitude, passion and perseverance, the sky is the limit.” At PG Glass, our Technicians are the heartbeat of our business and therefore certified to the highest level of Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement. We afford them opportunities such as this one, which involves a national competition and choosing the winner in South Africa who will then represent us in the global competition. This offers all our Technicians an equal opportunity to be part of the global competition.

We invest time and resources in preparing the winner for the immense pressure that comes with the competition and ensuring that they are upskilled to the latest the global market has to offer. In Kgomotso’s case, we arranged for her and her coach Moydene Naude, to go for international preparation in Turkey before she flew to Portugal for the competition. This allowed her to be exposed to the different tools, equipment, and the latest vehicle models. Furthermore, we only use our own Technicians in our adverts, such as our current radio adverts – it is our Technician voices that are in those ads”

There’s a sense of pride when you are a Technician at PG Glass. This also is demonstrated in the way we repair your windscreen. The Technicians all follow the PG Way of Fitting which is aligned to global standard of workmanship and safety.

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