Scale Up Con 2024: Unleashing the Next Wave of Entrepreneurial Growth

Scale Up Con 2024: Unleashing the Next Wave of Entrepreneurial Growth
Scale Up Con 2024

Founders Events, in partnership with Outsourced CFO (, is thrilled to announce the return of Scale Up Con, the premier event designed to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders to take their companies to the next level. Set to take place on 20 June 2024, at the Crystal Towers in Cape Town, this year’s conference promises to deliver diverse insights and networking opportunities.

Scale Up Con is renowned for bringing together some of South Africa’s top scale-up founders and advisors. The event is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex process of scaling, covering crucial elements such as strategy, team dynamics, processes, products, client relationships, and adapting to environmental shifts.

“Scaling a business is a balancing act, with numerous moving parts that need not only to align but evolve,” said Michael Botha, spokesman for Scale Up Con. “Scale Up provides founders with the tools and knowledge they need to build the robust foundation needed to handle the challenges of rapid growth and emerge stronger.”

The conference will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions from industry leaders who have successfully navigated the scaling process. Attendees will gain practical insights into the best practices and strategies that can help them achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive market.

Michael Botha emphasised the importance of learning from those who have gone before: “Our speakers are seasoned entrepreneurs and advisors who have built profitable, scalable companies. Their experiences and lessons learned are invaluable resources for any founder looking to scale their business.”

In addition to the insightful presentations, Scale Up Con offers an exceptional networking platform. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to connect with peers, potential partners, and investors, fostering relationships that can lead to future collaborations and business opportunities.

“We believe in the power of community and shared knowledge,” Botha continued. “Scale Up Con is not just about listening to talks; it’s about  connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, exchanging ideas, and forming relationships that can drive business and economic growth.”

The event will commence at 5 PM, and ticket sales will close at 9 AM on June 20. Early registration is encouraged to secure a spot at this highly anticipated conference.

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