Rosond empowers women and embraces equity

Rosond empowers women and embraces equity
Natasha Rajlal Group Human Resources Manager Rosond

Tasked with overseeing HR strategy and compliance at drilling technology solutions provider Rosond, Natasha Rajlal works with a diverse team spread out across different sites in South Africa. The team assists her in ensuring that Rosond is a progressive and diverse organisation.

For example, Rosond proudly appointed the first all-female drilling crew in South Africa at Kumba Iron Ore in the Northern Cape. The focus is not only to employ talented women, but to develop them and ensure they are on the fast track to advance their careers in the company.

Furthermore, Rosond has included several diversity training programmes in its annual skills programme. It has also set up an inclusivity engagement forum to regularly monitor and benchmark the working conditions of employees.

With this year’s International Women’s Day theme being #EmbraceEquity, Rajlal states that for her the theme means accepting and accommodating diversity both socially and in the workplace. Seeing the theme becoming a lived reality means employers must focus more to create an environment in which employees can thrive and are encouraged to be unique and feel personally and professionally fulfilled.

“Everyone has the ability to make valued suggestions and all work environments should encourage this so that people are confident to use their voice,” says Rajlal. Currently serving as the Group HR Manager, career highlights to date include leading the Women in Mining Forum. Rajlal has also headed up a Gender Based Violence Campaign (100 Days of Activism), which afforded her a personal and professional sense of achievement in light of the sheer number of people who were assisted.

The national campaign was a collaborative effort that saw medical professionals, social workers, SAPS officials and counsellors present to assist with training. “The campaign made a significant difference to so many people and remains one of my most fulfilling achievements thus far,” says Rajlal.

Being a part of the ever-changing mining industry over the past 20 years has seen Rajlal assume various roles from HR professional to mentor, coach, trainer, business partner and community liaison. The versatility has enabled her to ensure that employees are taken on a transformation journey as the mining industry continues to evolve.

During her career she has learned to be confident, innovative and adaptable, “especially in an industry as challenging as mining.” Her passion lies in creating an environment where people are motivated and productive. Additionally, HR plays a pivotal role as the heartbeat of any organisation, and it is a position she thoroughly enjoys and thrives in.

”It is extremely gratifying to have a positive influence that supports collaboration and social justice in an organisation. As a woman with a strong mining background in a predominantly male industry, I am excited to mentor and coach women that we bring into the organisation and to personally invest in their career growth and development,” says Rajlal.

Her advice to young women starting out on their careers in male-dominated industries is to persevere through all challenges and to always be their authentic selves. “It is of paramount importance that women have a solid career plan to drive them and find a mentor to lend support and direction.”

Rajlal adds that, while networking provides wonderful opportunities, she encourages women to brainstorm with their peers in the industry for ongoing self-development and to always stay ahead. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” she concludes.

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