Repair, reuse, and reduce waste with Pratley adhesives

Repair, reuse, and reduce waste with Pratley adhesives
Mark Bell, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Pratley

As we celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June, Pratley, a leading manufacturer of adhesives, highlights how it can help you contribute to sustainability through its innovative adhesive products.

Pratley empowers users to repair, reuse, and extend the life of their products by offering a range of strong, versatile, and efficient adhesives as well as comprehensive support and guidance. This ultimately leads to waste reduction and cost savings, says Mark Bell, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Pratley.

Pratley’s adhesives are designed to create strong, durable bonds between a wide range of different materials. The adhesive bond strength of Pratley’s adhesives ensures that broken or damaged items can be repaired as opposed to spending money on replacements. “Our adhesives are formulated to provide the highest bonding strength, ensuring long-lasting repairs that can withstand various environmental conditions and stresses,” highlights Mark.

Pratley has developed precision applicators to minimise excess adhesive use. Pratley Powda Bond® has a precision nozzle allowing users to make fixes with pinpoint accuracy. “It allows end users to deliver the exact quantity of adhesive needed, which not only ensures a cleaner application but also significantly reduces waste,” notes Mark. Powda Bond® can be used for a variety of fixes to items that are usually thrown away such as plastic toys, plastic electrical plugs, or car headlamps.

“The versatility of our adhesives means that users can rely on one product for a variety of tasks, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective choice,” adds Mark. For example, Quickset® Clear is ideal to fix broken ornaments, but can also be used for repairing glass, jewellery items, and broken furniture.

The importance of the curing period in Pratley’s adhesives cannot be overstated. Proper curing results in long-lasting repairs that can withstand different environmental conditions and stresses. This durability extends the lifespan of repaired products and further promotes reusability.

“A well-cured adhesive bond is essential for ensuring the longevity of repairs, which is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts,” says Mark. Pratley Putty’s rock-hard strength makes it perfect for repairing cracked marbelite swimming pools, gutters, fuel lines, metal petrol and water tanks.

Pratley is also committed to sustainability in its packaging solutions. Adhesives are available in small packs for home use and larger quantities for industrial applications. “By offering a range of packaging sizes, we can reduce the environmental impact and limit package disposal costs,” says Mark. “We are continuously looking into ways to improve our packaging to make it more sustainable.”

Pratley provides extensive technical support and guidance on proper adhesive selection and application techniques. “Our technical support team is always ready to assist customers with their adhesive needs, ensuring that they use the right product in the right way,” says Mark. This support helps users achieve optimal results, reducing the likelihood of failed repairs and the associated waste of materials and resources.

Pratley is actively adapting to global trends in environmental awareness and sustainability. The company has changed its packaging to meet demand from overseas markets and is exploring more eco-friendly materials as its exports continue to grow. “It is a whole learning curve, but it is essential to save the planet. We are committed to making these changes despite the associated challenges,” acknowledges Mark.

Pratley’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond adhesives to its broader business practices, including export strategies and technical innovations. The company’s significant penetration into global markets, including the United States, Australia, the Far East, and Europe, showcases its commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions worldwide.

“Research and development is our backbone. We are always looking to bring out new products and improve existing ones to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the environment,” concludes Mark.

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