Reinvented, Rejuvenated and Ready to Relaunch – Plascon looks to the future

Reinvented, Rejuvenated and Ready to Relaunch – Plascon looks to the future

Plascon has remained South Africa’s go-to coatings manufacturer for over 130 years as a result of its ability to continuously reinvent itself. This year marks Plascon’s biggest brand renewal yet, with rejuvenated products, exciting initiatives and a bold new look, to top things off.

In preparation for this relaunch, Plascon has been in a state of metamorphosis for quite some time. “Businesses are facing a number of challenges this year and an already tough economic climate has been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. To continue to remain relevant, we’ve set 2020 as the year to add even more value to our customers in this already difficult market. In addition to the brand’s refreshed aesthetic and corporate identity, a new range of innovative and eco-friendly products that offer incredible new technologies with advantages for personal wellness and the planet will be available through renewed operations, logistics and distribution,” says Alan Cotton, Director of Sales & Marketing at Plascon.

The concept behind Plascon’s new logo is a vision of the future. This idea of a forward-looking vision is intertwined with the golden thread of re-invention that runs through Plascon. It tells an inspiring and confident story.

The striking new logo replaces the former ellipse shape and takes the typography of the brand name into a more accessible lower case – with a bolder and upright form that communicates confidence and leadership. The letter forms are created with even stroke weights as if made with a paint roller or brush, which adds an extra dimension to brand storytelling.

Plascon’s iconic oval lives on in the open space created by the new vision field and allows the logo to adapt easily to various online and offline communication platforms. The logo lives predominantly in a field of red that is intuitive and responsive and can be used as a tag on various executions.

Plascon’s colour landscape has also been updated from the previous light red to a rich bold red. The primary colour palette is vibrant and evokes the sense of a new Africa, creating standout appeal across the brand assets, elevating Plascon’s presence in the mind of its customers.

Plascon’s new photographic style includes images that speak to its brand story with the paint as the hero. The style is clean, African, modern and approachable. Rooted in Plascon’s heritage, the new identity embraces simplicity and contemporary styling, whilst maintaining the boldness and integrity for which Plascon is known.

Furthering its commitment to environmental conservation has been a big part of Plascon’s relaunch. The brand is taking meaningful steps to reduce its impact on the environment with the introduction of new, eco-friendly products. One of the innovations that Plascon will bring to market in 2020 is Plascon TradePro Roof & More, which contains no APEOs – these harmful chemical compounds pollute the water cycle and destroy marine life.
Expect a range of other powerful new products from the country’s leading coatings brand in the latter half of the year, to be launched under the brand’s refreshed corporate identity. These changes affirm Plascon’s re-orientation and refreshed commitment to focus on people and purpose.

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