Orkla India announces the launch of its wholly-owned subsidiary in Dubai, solidifying its commitment to the Middle East

Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO International Business, Orkla India
Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO International Business, Orkla India

Orkla India announces the expansion of its Middle East presence through the launch of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orkla India – Middle East & Africa (Orkla IMEA). This new entity will be headquartered out of Dubai and is committed to delivering ethnic Indian and Indian-inspired culinary experiences to consumers in the region. Orkla IMEA carries the powerful heritage and strong brand recognition of MTR and Eastern, two renowned and loved brands in Indian cuisine. This launch announcement aligns with Orkla India’s recent announcement of reorganizing itself into 3 business units Eastern, MTR, and International Business.

With a remarkable growth rate of 15% in the Middle East, Orkla India has demonstrated exceptional performance in the region. Notably, the Middle East constitutes a significant portion, 70%, of Orkla India’s total international business. With this launch, Orkla IMEA wants to build on its wide retail footprint spanning over 20,000 stores in the region to accelerate its growth further.

Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO International Business, Orkla India expressed, “The launch of Orkla IMEA, solidifies our dedication to the Middle East. We are delighted to bring our rich heritage of Indian culinary excellence through the MTR and Eastern brands to consumers in the region. I’m especially thrilled with the recent success of our Eastern Arabic spices range, which has grown 10 times in the last 3 years, a sign that local Arabic consumers are loving the product.”

Among the top-selling products, spices, and masalas stand out as the most popular, followed closely by breakfast offerings, beverages, and Indian sweets. Added to that is the exciting growth momentum the company is seeing with its newest addition, the Eastern Arabic spice range. Orkla IMEA places a strong emphasis on comprehending local nuances and customizing its products to fulfill the varied requirements of consumers in this region.

Orkla IMEA’s commitment to the Middle East extends beyond business transactions. The company has been a vital contributor to the region by creating employment opportunities, leveraging a local sourcing network, and fostering economic growth.