Making Informed Choices: Navigating Fitness Supplements with Confidence

By Andy Moore (Research & Development and Quality Control Manager at NPL)

Making Informed Choices: Navigating Fitness Supplements with Confidence
Andy Moore (Research & Development and Quality Control Manager at NPL)

In the arena of fitness supplements, the quest for optimal performance and results often leads individuals down a maze of flashy labels and enticing promises. Among the myriad options, understanding the distinction between proprietary blends and non-proprietary blends is paramount in making informed choices that align with your fitness goals. Andy Moore from Nutritional Performance Labs (NPL), a leading name in sports nutrition, decodes the labels to help you align your fitness goals and supplements.

A proprietary blend, characterised by its elusive ingredient quantities under names like “Maximum Performance Blend” or “Muscle Matrix Blend”, presents a veil of mystery to consumers. While the label may list all components, the lack of specific dosages raises concerns about efficacy. In contrast, non-proprietary blends offer full transparency, divulging each ingredient and its exact dosage. This transparency ensures you know precisely what you’re putting into your body, empowering you to make educated decisions about your supplementation.

Advocating for Transparency

It is important to advocate for non-proprietary blends as a standard practice in the industry. Transparency is crucial in fostering trust between manufacturers and consumers. Providing clear information about each ingredient and its exact measurement underscores a product’s commitment to delivering high-quality and effective products. Over and above full disclosure, to ensure safety and uphold stringent manufacturing standards, products should undergo thorough third-party testing in internationally accredited facilities.

Why Non-Proprietary Blends Reign Supreme

Non-proprietary blend products offer several distinct advantages:

  1. Accuracy: With exact dosages clearly stated, you can trust that each ingredient contributes meaningfully to your fitness journey.
  2. Trust: Products using proprietary blends often use higher doses of cheaper, less effective ingredients and tiny amounts of the ingredients that matter, just to put it on the label as a claim. Non-proprietary blends protect customers from being misled.
  3. Informed Decision-Making: Armed with comprehensive information, you can tailor your supplementation to your specific needs, optimising your performance and results in direct correlation to your fitness goal.

Customising Your Supplement Regimen

Selecting the right supplements hinges on understanding your unique goals and requirements. Whether you’re training for endurance events like the Comrades Marathon, aiming to pack on muscle mass, or embarking on a weight loss journey, your supplementation should align with your objectives. Consider consulting with a nutritionist or fitness professional to tailor a regimen that complements your endeavours effectively.

Navigating the realm of fitness supplements demands discernment and diligence. By prioritising transparency and opting for non-proprietary blends, you empower yourself to make choices that propel you closer to your fitness aspirations. Remember, your supplement regimen should be as individualised as your fitness journey—choose wisely and embark on your path to peak performance with confidence.

Author Bio:

Andy Moore holds an MSc in Dietetics and is currently the Research & Development and Quality Control Manager at NPL. She spearheads new product development for FMCG and pharmaceutical brands within the NPL group, including CAMs, sports supplements, and vitamins. Andy’s role involves sourcing ingredients, developing product concepts, and overseeing packaging in collaboration with the Creative Director. She ensures compliance with food safety and pharmaceutical regulations (SAHPRA) and supports strategic product launches with technical insights. Passionate about wellness and nutrition, Andy’s extensive experience in R&D, commercial strategy, formulation development, and QA management drives her commitment to improving consumer health and wellbeing. Her past roles include key positions at Glowing Sky Distributors, Powdermix Technologies, and USN SA – Ultimate Sports Nutrition.