Learnerships: The Power of Potential

How Kerina Ramasar has overcome obstacles: A day in the life of an EduPower learner

Learnerships: The Power of Potential
Kerina Ramasar

At just 21, Kerina Ramasar is a force to be reckoned with. Her severe vision impairment is no obstacle but rather a catalyst for her resilience and ambition. Her unwavering determination has earned her the role of mentor among her peers during her learnership at EduPower Skills Academy. In fact, Kerina’s willingness to take on additional responsibilities has extended her influence well beyond her development.

So, how does a day in the life of this extraordinary young woman play out?

Morning Routine

“My morning starts early,” Kerina begins, “I wake up at 5:00 am and by 5:30 am, I’m showered and ready to take on the day.” Breakfast is a quick affair, usually finished by 5:45 am, after which Kerina starts preparing for her day at EduPower.

“I pack my lunch, tidy my room and ensure I have everything I need for the day. By 7:00 am, I’m on the road, travelling to EduPower,” she explains. The early morning travel is something she enjoys as a time to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Daily Learnership Activities

Kerina arrives at EduPower well before the roll call at 8:00 am.

She started her learnership, a National Certificate: Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing Support NQF Level 3, in February this year. For the first three months, Kerina attended classroom training which was followed in the afternoons with work experience in EduPower’s Career Centre, an 800-seat, fully equipped contact centre.

Karina says this foundational period equipped her with essential skills in call centre operations, customer service and dialler training. “I was a bit afraid of working on the dialler at first,” she admits, “but once I got familiar with the product and the protocols, I started doing well.”

Kerina’s proficiency did not go unnoticed. With her keen administrative skills, she quickly became a pivotal member of the team and she was given the responsibility to mentor and coach other learners. “My days at EduPower are spent working on administrative tasks and helping other learners,” Karina explains. “Highly rewarding, my duties include attendance tracking, liaising with management and attending to client queries.”


The supportive environment at EduPower has been instrumental in Kerina’s development. “Even though I am working as a mentor, I still receive a lot of support from my mentors and colleagues,” she says. “They guide me, provide feedback and check in at least once a day to ensure I’m on the right track.”

Kerina says during the learnership she has gained valuable skills, including effective time management, verbal and written communication and problem-solving. “I’ve also become proficient in using Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,” she adds. This has not only boosted her confidence, she uses these new skills daily while working with clients.

Evening Routine

When her day at EduPower ends at 4 pm, Kerina’s routine continues with a 20-minute journey home. Her evenings are a blend of relaxation and productivity. After helping with household chores and enjoying dinner, she often unwinds with her favourite series. As night falls, the lessons of the day settle in Kerina’s mind.

“This Learnership has given me more than skills—it’s given me a vision for my future,” she reflects. “I’m building more than a career; I’m building a life full of purpose,” her words echoing the ethos of EduPower.

“After I complete this learnership, I’ll continue my studies and seek a role that leverages my IT and customer service skills,” Kerina adds. As she turns the page on another chapter at EduPower, one thing is clear: for Kerina, every day is a step towards an unfolding dream.

This may be a day in the life of an EduPower learner but Kerina’s experience at the Academy is a powerful reminder that with dedication and the right support, overcoming challenges and acquiring the skills that will lead to a bright future should be the outcome for every learner and learnership.