Inspiring the tourism industry through optimism and resilience

Inspiring the tourism industry through optimism and resilience
ANEW Inspiration Award

Following a week of renewed optimism and collaboration at Africa’s Travel Indaba, ANEW Hotels & Resorts continues its inspiring story, receiving the 2022 Inspiration Award at the closing ceremony on 5 May 2022.

This award is for the industry individual or organisation that has inspired Africa’s Travel Indaba community by how they have challenged the odds to rise and shine over the past two years.

The Indaba Awards received more than 900 nominations over three days for the various categories. The winners were chosen based on the nominations and motivations from exhibitors, buyers, and media attending the event.

Alan Campbell, Sales & Marketing Director of ANEW Hotels & Resorts, says, “We believe in South Africa and share this award with every South African who continues to believe in showcasing the beauty of our country, its people, our resilience as a nation and our shared hope for the future. We celebrated the announcement of our third property at the previous Indaba in 2019. Fast forward three years, and a pandemic later, we’re excited to announce our 15th property last week.”

“This is absolutely a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire ANEW team from our receptionists, and security guards to our CEO, all pullling together during a challenging time,” he continues. “When the pandemic came, we decided not to close a single property, staying open just for one or two essential workers during this time. We had no choice but to be flexible, and at a point in time, you would have found a manager of a property mowing the lawn, or an accountant scrubbing the toilets.”

He adds, “We tried to keep as many of our staff working, and we continued to speak to those who could not be on-site weekly. Taking care of our staff was our utmost priority, sending food parcels to our teams and rotating them every week to ensure they make money. But the most important aspect of our success is our people and their dedication to living our values. We all wear a bangle that says HITEC, which stands for Honour, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and, Courage. It serves to remind us that we have a shared purpose and sense of belonging.”

“It is truly the bravery and optimism of our team members that has allowed us to make the decisions that we have made. It has been a collective effort with our hotel owners, suppliers, and staff over the past two years,” he concludes.

About ANEW Hotels & Resorts

ANEW Hotels & Resorts has evolved as a family business started in 1952. Family culture and attention to detail are firmly grounded in its people, and the group prides itself on the personal touch. The ANEW Hotel & Resorts Group owns and manages various properties in South Africa, with a vision to grow the brand by acquiring additional properties and management contracts in strategic locations.

The brand has managed to achieve incredible growth over the past two years, amid a pandemic, and continues to look for opportunities to provide premier products for local and international business and leisure market segments throughout the country. They are committed to providing their customers conduct their business within legal and ethical parameters and strive to provide customers with world-class service.

ANEW Hotels & Resorts received The Inspiration Award at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2022 as the organisation that has, for the past two years, inspired Africa’s travel Indaba community by how they have challenged the odds to rise and shine. Visit for more information.