How To Decorate Your Company Office Space So People Actually Want to Work There

How To Decorate Your Company Office Space So People Actually Want to Work There
How To Decorate Your Company Office Space So People Actually Want to Work There

No matter how wonderful your company is, a drab workplace environment will bring down the excitement. Harsh overhead lighting, bland decor, and uncomfortable temperatures and equipment can all bring down the vibe of your workplace. If your office needs a makeover, here’s how to decorate your company office space so people actually want to work there!

Add Natural Light

Harsh overhead lighting can be too bright, especially for people with sensory issues. It can make it difficult to focus, and it can cause intense eye strain over time. Some business trends show that natural light and lamplight are preferred by most people, and they can help create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. Plus, unique or vintage lamps can add a lot of character and are common in thrift stores. 

Invest in a Decent Supply Closet and Break Room

While you probably have basic supplies covered, consider investing in higher quality, more visually appealing materials. Buy sturdy, beautiful notebooks and folders people actually want to use. Never underestimate the excitement generated by a good pen! Add your company name to them, and you’ll be getting your name out there whenever a client walks away with one. When you give materials to clients using nice paper and other materials, you’re sending a message about your company’s values and priorities. 

To create a break room employees want to use, consider what will create a more relaxing atmosphere than the space outside of it. Add a nice coffee or espresso machine, games, snacks, or even entertainment systems to encourage people to actually take a break. Create systems or hire someone to make sure the space remains clean and uncluttered. This helps people get back to work refreshed and ready to tackle problems with a clear mind.

Give Employees a Workspace Stipend

If you want your employees to contribute to the overall aesthetic, as well as have a workspace that works for them, consider offering a stipend so they can decorate how they want. Some people might want plants or decor, others might invest in a small heater or humidifier. Who knows what fun gadgets you’ll discover to make the workplace more fun and productive?

Bring Your Branding to Life

Your branding is an important part of your business, and you likely spent a lot of time, money, and energy to create it, so bring elements of that work into your decorations. Keep the same color themes and other elements to tie everything together. If sustainability is a big part of your brand, which materials are you using that support this mission? If you value employee health and balance, are you adding a gym or a place to meditate? Don’t waste an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is, and make your office space feel like a cohesive element of your company. Your clients will receive those subliminal messages about you from the moment they walk in the door!

Add Greenery

Not only do plants look nice, but they also increase the quality of the air and can contribute to a boost in overall mood. Consider plants that are easy to care for, or hire a company to take care of them for you. This is an especially good idea if you love the look of more expensive or rare plants but lack the time and expertise to keep them looking healthy. With the right lighting, greenery adds a perfect touch of nature and warmth to any space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can fill in gaps in your decor with some realistic fakes!

When you focus on the work, it’s easy to let your environment take a back seat, but the location of your work can have a huge impact on your quality and growth. Take some time to consider your needs and what would serve your employees, and you’ll be able to create an environment you’re proud to work in.