How to Apply for an SSN Card?


Have you ever heard about an SSN card? Social Security Number or SSN is a card with a 9-digit unique number that is issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA is an independent agency that is a part of the government of the United States. This article provides you with a brief introduction about SSC and provides you with the necessary tips that help you to get your SSC number easily. Planning to get one for you or your family? Read further to know more about the importance of SSC.

Why Do You Need an SSN Card?

Getting your SSC is highly important because it helps to get a job, helps the government to record your wages accurately or record your earning if you’re self-employed. It also helps to get your social security benefits that are provided by the US Government. But you may wonder how to get your SSN card? The application procedure for getting your SSN card is so simple; by following a few steps and submitting important documents on the online portal, you can easily get your card.

How to Apply?

Whether you’re a citizen or non-citizen of the United States, one must compulsorily have a Social Security Card. You need this card to get your job or to avail any other services that are offered by the government.

To apply for a Social Security Number, you have to use my Social Security account – an online portal that allows you to apply for an SSC.

Follow the below Steps to get your SSN card:

  • Read the procedure to apply for an SSN card before you submit your application online
  • Collect the necessary forms and documents
  • Fill in the necessary details in Social Security Application form, commonly known as SS-5
  • Once you’re done with the application, submit the application and the necessary documents in person at the SSA Office. After the submission of your SSC form, request for a verification receipt.
  • You have to wait approximately for 2 weeks to receive your Social Security card. You’ll be receiving it in the mail.
  • Once you’ve got your SSC, submit the same to the employer for their review.
  • Do not carry you original SSC with you. Store it in a safe.

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Necessary Documents

The following are the necessary documents that must be submitted along with you SS-5 form:

  • Age Evidence – One must submit their birth certificate or any other document that includes your age. Example: Birth Certificate, Passport, Final Adoption Decree
  • Identity Evidence – One must submit their evidence of identity that has your legal name. Your SSN card includes your legal name. In general, high preferences are given to documents that are issued by the US government. Example: US Passport, US Driving License, US Non-Driver ID card
  • US Citizenship Evidence – For this, one must submit the birth certificate or passport that is issued by the US government.
  • Immigration Status Evidence – One must submit the current unexpired immigration status document that is issued by the DHS organization.

Thus, following the above instructions and submitting the above-listed documents, one can easily get their SSN card within a week or two.

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