How Instagram marketing would help your business in 2020

The world is getting more social and by that I mean now we know about the places where we can find people who could help your business skyrocket. All that you need my friend is the right strategy and the right time because Instagram marketing is the new trend now. 

From major brands using it to for their promotion or the brands that are just launched and are trying to set their foot in the market, everyone focuses mainly on how to reach as many people as they can and having over 1 Billion+ downloads of Instagram on Google play store we have proof that people are present here from all over the world. 

There are so many new features that have been particularly launched by Instagram to help businesses advertise themselves, connect to more people and the more they reach, the more profit one can make. Let’s start from the most basic thing one needs to do for promoting its brand through Instagram marketing and that is to switch into a “Business account” on Instagram.

You can do that just by heading to your settings and clicking on “Switch to Business Profile” to get started. As I’ve had a business profile earlier, we have been a first-hand user of it and so I can tell you the details that Instagram gives to a business account is huge. 

From, who saw your profile, saved your post or shared it with somebody else. All can be seen. Also, the reach of every post of yours is specified clearly which helps you in analysing which post is working better for you and hence you can make plans accordingly as what works for you in the market among people and whatnot. 

And we don’t think anything else offers these many insights into a business so Instagram has an upper hand in brand marketing. There are so many ways to do so from which we are going to discuss a few here. 

In 2020, we have seen a lot, the year had started well but then after covid life came to a standstill but social media especially Instagram got rejuvenated as more and more people were active there. and we saw a rise in Promotions of brands through Instagram. 

If I give you a small example, The one who used to post pictures of her painting via The feature of Instagram stories conducted a Poll and asked if people wanted to learn painting from her. slowly the number of participants grew and she was able to earn during the times when many lost their jobs. 

Ever read the celebrities earn in millions from their single Instagram posts. You will see the the collaboration of brands with people having followers as high as in millions or as low as in thousands just to promote their brand.

Instagram influencers have a dedicated set of followers when something is advertised by these followers, it impacts the brain of a large number of people following them. 

One can do so much through Instagram. There is a “sponsored ad” feature for anyone who wants to promote their business, be it a startup related to clothing or a newly emerging writer or poet, someone who sketches well or someone who is a motivational speaker. 

Absolutely anybody who wants to promote their brand can utilise this feature as it is budget-friendly too. you get to decide how you want to advertise your business. Some might show teasers of their products they want to sell, kindling the curiosity among the scrollers if Instagram or it could be a simple 4 line poem that hits the reader straight to the heart making him open the account and explore further.

Anything is possible. Just know Instagram is now the new emerging market that will take your business to the right kind of people and to the right place too. 

Instagram started as an image-sharing social network one could only post the pictures and it had nothing else but now it has become a primary source of leads and revenue for many businesses. With an effective strategy and its execution, Instagram can help you build an engaging community that can guarantee an improved brand identity, audience engagement, lead generation, and conversion. 

1)optimize your Instagram bio

2)Be consistent with posting

3)Experiment with curated content 

4)know how to use relevant Hashtags

5)Take advantage of the Instagram story feature

6)Try IGTV – as a video is always effective and people feel more connected

7)Use Instagram influencers for widening your business’s reach 

8)Go live on Instagram

9)Respond to Dm’s and comments.

You must have understood by now that every feature of Instagram can be used diligently to promote your business in 2020. Happy exploring!


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