How Glodine Makapela is changing the Publicity and Castings game

Glodine Makapela
Glodine Makapela

Glodine Makapela has worked behind some of the biggest brands and scouting talent for some of the biggest directors running her own casting agency and freelancing as a Publicity and Media Relations Manager.

For the past 10years, Glodine has been writing content for television and radio, she has also been freelancing as a talent scout and Casting agent for Sasani Studios, Urban Brew Studios – Yotv, Christa Schamberger Casting Directors, Papsa, BPO Productions and Grays Casting Directors for TV Ads, Local films and studio audience.

2016 Glodine ventured into PR, artist management and events publicity in order to gain more experience she shadowed PR experts and Record Label A&R managers.

Glodine also introduced her first client Reef Hotel, when she managed their elevate rooftop venue as the hotel’s PR Manager. There she hosted Fashion Shows, film productions and using the venue for Music video shoots for the likes of Dj Tira, AKA and many other talents.

Glodine also launched events for Toyota such as Eastern Cape Hair and Beauty show. She then joined local record labels working behind artists and media relations.

Glodine Makapela has worked with the Gauteng Film commission as their publicist and media relations manager to help bring the local film industry’s attention to every corner of the press and create awareness about the projects they are doing to help grow the film industry in South Africa.

Glodine works behind many brands as their publicist. Fashion brands like Vukani Fashions – Sonwabile Ndamase who showcased at Paris & Milan Fashion Week 22, she works with young entrepreneurs, humanitarians, community builders, Justice Reform advocates, charity orgs and Mental Health Advocate and founder Candice Lamber of Kids Dialogue – Candice Lambert.

Glodine believes in using her network to connect people, help people tell their stories. Finding campaigns that are changing the communities we hail from and help promote their cause on media platforms, social media and spread a positive message of hope.

Glodine Makapela is also media relations manager for OnpointPR and has been working on amazing campaigns where she has learnt to formalise her content in a more corporate language and build her content writing skills working with OnpointPR.

Glodine hopes to use her influence in the industry to help people tell their stories and in her spare time she is out there scouting fresh talent for casting directors.