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Utloang Peter Liphoto

21st Century is committed to upskilling future leaders and empowering the youth by integrating talented graduates into their dynamic team. A recent addition, Utloang Peter Liphoto, exemplifies the potential and promise of the new generation.

Utloang brings fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to his role, where he is responsible for developing and maintaining robust client relationships and consulting on a wide range of human capital issues, including remuneration, reward strategies, organisational design, change management, HR analytics, and talent management. “My role is to ensure we not only meet but exceed our client expectations through strategic consultation and managing a diverse portfolio of client needs,” says Utloang.

Reflecting on his transition from academia to the professional sphere, Utloang recalls the challenges and adjustments required upon entering a dynamic corporate environment. “The shift from a student to a professional was profound. At UNISA, where much of the learning is self-directed, I honed my independence, but in the workplace, I’ve learned the critical importance of collaboration and emotional intelligence,” he says. “Navigating through these differences has been both challenging and invigorating.”

21st Century extensively supports new recruits, providing them with opportunities to engage in professional development programs such as the Emerging Stars Boot Camp (ESB) and other accredited courses. Utloang highlights the impact of these initiatives: “The learning opportunities I’ve encountered here are not just about professional growth but are pivotal in shaping one’s approach to the multifaceted challenges of the corporate world.”

Beyond professional growth, Utloang appreciates the unique aspects of his role that extend into broader experiences. “The chance to travel, attend business conferences, and present at meetings has significantly broadened my understanding of the global business landscape and enriched my professional network,”.

Looking forward, Utloang is focused on carving out a niche in the HR and rewards sector. “In the next five years, I see myself as a thought leader in this space, where I can contribute to bridging the gap between data analytics and effective human capital management,” he shares. His ambition is to leverage his skills to help organisations optimise their workforce strategies in alignment with their overall business goals.

Utloang’s advice to new graduates entering the workforce is poignant and reflective of his own journey. “Embrace continuous learning and stay humble. Recognise that each experience, each interaction, is a stepping stone to deeper understanding and professional growth,”.

21st Century continues to invest in its future by supporting emerging leaders like Utloang, reinforcing its role as a beacon of leadership and development in South Africa’s evolving corporate landscape.


About 21st Century:

21st Century, a level 2 BBBEE company, is one of the largest Business and People Solutions consultancies in Africa, specialising in sustainable business solutions and underpinned by exceptional Analytics and Research capabilities, with a team of more than 60 skilled specialists, servicing over 1700 clients – including non-profit organisations, unlisted companies, government, parastatals and over two-thirds of the companies listed on the JSE. 21st Century offers bespoke business and strategy planning services, operating model and organisational design, creative reward practice modelling and market data, change, stakeholder and culture management, training courses and comprehensive human capital and talent plans. 21st Century continues to offer solutions via a combination of virtual channels and on-site presence.

21st Century has 5 business areas, focussing on: Remuneration and Reward; Organisational Design; Change Management; People & Talent and Analytics.

21st Century has both national and international capabilities. We offer full-spectrum Human Capital services to sub-Saharan Africa & Middle East clients, and as the African representative of the GECN group (  have access to expertise on every continent around the world.

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