Edu Pulse Magazine – The Leading EdTech, Business Magazine in Africa

Edu Pulse Magazine – The Leading EdTech, Business Magazine in Africa
Edu Pulse Magazine – The Leading EdTech, Business Magazine in Africa

Edu Pulse Magazine is an established leader when it comes to EdTech and Business news in and around Africa. Edu Pulse Magazine was first introduced in 2019, as an online EdTech magazine published by Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd. Today Edu Pulse Magazine is always seeking to be a forerunner.

The best in the industry, Edu Pulse Magazine has grown from being just an EdTech magazine to becoming the expert on education and business technologies brand. The magazine boasts of a fast-growing readership, making it, by far, Africa’s best-selling EdTech and Business magazine. But more than the numbers, it is the content that makes it Africa’s best magazine.

Edu Pulse Magazine’s monthly content includes exclusive news, features, and fascinating African stories. The magazine was the first EdTech Magazine to pioneer the concept of a flip magazine in Africa, exhibiting its prowess in harnessing technologies. The world of technology is exciting to so many of us, and Edu Pulse Magazine brings alive its piquant stories and engaging features; making it the must-read magazine for everyone interested in Ed Tech and Business in Africa.

The Edu Pulse Magazine editorial team ranks among the youngest but experienced editorial teams in Africa, producing daily news and reviews on the latest education technology and business updates. Tinashe Zvakasikwa is the Editor, with an experience of over eight years in writing about business and technology. Tinotenda C. Masimba is Assistant Editor and a part of each of the magazine’s extensive activities. Tanatswa Shava and Letwin Mubonesi lead the staff writers, who cover all the latest scoops, launches, developments, and news in business.

The magazine has now introduced the flip version of the publication. Other magazines are envious of its reputation for the exemplary editorial content, as well as high production standards with the magazine receiving accolades from both the industry and consumers alike. Now, consumers who are unable to carry their favourite magazines around during travel can switch to the flip format of the magazine with ease.

With Africa fast catching up on internet access, there is little doubt that at least a quarter of them will be hooked onto digital reading. With the Edu Pulse e-magazine, you can do much more than you would with a paper magazine. As the magazine is always on the www and in the cloud, you can access it at any point in time from practically anywhere; get interactive content on the go. 

Edu Pulse Magazine is the leading authority for EdTech news and industry updates. Visit the Edu Pulse magazine at, and Subscribe to read Edu Pulse Magazine on your smart devices and web!