Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation writing is one of the most important academic tasks you will undertake in college. It is the capstone of your MA or Ph.D., and for this reason, you have to give it everything you got. Well, this is easier said than done because of the time and energy required and it is no wonder many students struggle to complete their projects. If you are about to start your dissertation project, it is important to prepare adequately, and here you will find some crucial tips to guide you. From making a schedule, using a dissertation editor, using diverse research sources to breaking down the project, you will find invaluable suggestion to help you along. Keep reading.

  1. Start With the Project Guidelines and Understand Them All

Many candidates rush to begin their projects in a bid to complete it fast but eventually; they end up spending a lot of time in revisions. To avoid this, take time to read through the guidelines and understand every requirement for the paper. Look at the required writing style, word count, proposal requirements, timelines and all other pertinent points in the paper.

You can discuss these requirements with other students and consult your professor in case you need any clarification. It might seem like an unnecessary step but it will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

  1. Create a Dissertation Schedule

Once you understand the project requirements, it is now easy to create a schedule for the project. A dissertation project will take a lot of your time and you need several months to work on it. It can consume your life, and without a proper plan, you might end up stressed. In an article published in the Guardian, the writer says a dissertation interferes with every aspect of your life including social life, sporting commitments, societies, and other essay demands.

Create a schedule detailing the time you will dedicate to the project every day, for the next several months. You should also include realistic deadlines for different sections to keep you grounded and focused. With such a plan, you will not have to rush in the last minute.

  1. Write Something Every Day

The number of pages required for a dissertation can intimidate you but with a good plan and dedication, it is easy to get it done.  You have to commit to writing every day to keep the project going. Always make sure you have a notebook or an app to help you gather ideas which you can then organize into dissertation content. There might be a million reasons to delay but you have to psyche yourself up to keep writing.

  1. Flexibility is Key

It is true you have a compact schedule and you would like to stick to it,but sometimes, it is not possible to keep going. Writers’ block is a major problem and when it attacks, you have to step back and breathe. You might miss a few deadlines but this break will help you recharge and come back stronger.

Image 1: Taking a break from your dissertation helps overcome writer’s block

  1. Feedback is Crucial

You have to keep asking for feedback from your supervisor, family,and friends. This not only ensures you stick to the requirements but also motivates you and gives you new ideas to build on.

These are only a few tips to keep your dissertation going. You can seek the assistance of a dissertation writer any timethe going gets tough.

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